Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"The Two of Us"

Image result for the two of us victoria bylin"The Two of Us" is the latest contemporary romance novel from Victoria Bylin and it is my favorite one yet from her!  Mia has traveled to Vegas for a wedding, not her own as she has been engaged twice, but not made it to "I do" once.  This wedding is for her younger half-sister, Lucy and her fiancée whom Mia has not met yet.  Lucy is pregnant and Mia does not believe that is a good enough reason to get married or enough to make this marriage last.  Mia likes to have answers and is organized and presents calm and all put together, while Lucy is more carefree and go with the flow.  Mia's world is tilted when she meets Lucy's fiancée Sam's best man and mentor in life, Jake.  Jake has taken Sam under his wing as his mother Connie was Jake's former partner on the police force until she was killed in the line of duty.  Mia has her heart and her mind set on getting accepted into Medical Mission and she has made this commitment to God to serve Him in this capacity as she has given up on love.  However, she feels torn after meeting Jake and Sam and knowing that she is going to have a little niece or nephew to love.  As Mia is forced to prove that she can adapt quickly and make changes, she moves to Echo Falls and takes over working as a general practitioner, while at the same time pursing her dream, yet she finds herself spending more time with Jake and finding herself a part of a family once again.

This is such an incredible book filled with loveable characters, a cute town and so many storylines.  Mia and Jake are the two main characters, but really Sam, Lucy, Claire and Frank are right up there as well.  Claire's health struggles are all too common and so relatable as is Frank having to learn to cope with this and Lucy sharing her love and compassion and learning how to best care for Claire.  Sam and Lucy are adjusting to married life and a complicated pregnancy.  Jake has been struggling with his partner's death and he feels he needs to honor her and that he owes her in a way and his dream of running a camp has been his focus.  Mia has her dream for her job and has lost hope for love and a family.  There are just so many emotions that you will experience while reading this, there is just so many layers to the characters, the stories and I would love to spend more time in Echo Falls, if Victoria chooses to write more books set in this town.  This is a book that will have you wrapped up in the characters' lives and celebrating with them in the high times and rooting for them and praying for strength during the lows. 

*Thanks to the Bethany House Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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