Saturday, September 2, 2017

"Reunited by Danger"

Carol J. Post's latest romantic suspense is available now!  "Reunited by Danger" is a book that starts right off with action, questions to be answered, and characters who you cannot wait to find out more about!  This is book #5 in the Cedar Key series, but it is find to read as a stand-alone novel as well; however I highly encourage you to go back and read the others as well as they are amazing!

Amber had not wanted to attend her high school 10 year reunion, but knew she must after receiving a message on Facebook from one of her high school friends asking that she come as she had 6 months to live due to battling cancer.  As Amber sits at her reunion, she is informed that her friend passed away 2 months ago and Amber realized that someone wanted to be sure she was there.  Before she has time to process this, a scream pierces the air and Amber finds another former friend dead outside.  Amber, now a police officer, was really on the other side of the law in high school and she is surprised to find that a former acquaintance from high school is a detective; together they find themselves in the midst of the action as they struggle to find out who is out to get revenge on this group after 10 years. 
I loved this book!  It is fast-paced and well-written.  I love how Carol shares bits and pieces of the characters' pasts and their relationships with each other and their stories and ties them in with what is going on now for them all.  The characters are so likeable and Amber is such a great, strong main character, although Caleb is right up there as well in my opinion!  The secrets, suspense, romance and action make a fast, great read that will leave you content with the ending, yet sad that the time spent with the characters is done. 

*Thanks to the author for a complimentary copy of this book.*

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