Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review - "Jenna's Cowboy"

A new author to me, Sharon Gillenwater, has become a new favorite author of mine! "Jenna's Cowboy," the first book in The Callahans of Texas, is a delightful mix of family relationships, love, hurt, forgiveness and dealing with PTSD. The line on the back of the book sums it all up: "Can you ever get a second chance at your first love?"
Jenna is living back at home as a partner on the family's ranch with her young son following a divorce to her pro football husband. Re-enter into her life a man who Jenna always cared for, but never knew that he felt the same way back in high school. Nate was told he was not good enough for Jenna then, will things be different this time? However, Nate has just returned from active duty in the military and is struggling with nightmares and his memories of this time overseas.
Gillenwater shares a realistic story that can be related to in today's time. I was immediately drawn into the story in the first chapter and it was hard to put down. The family dynamics and everyday life are so real that is so easy to feel as if you are in Texas as a part of this close-knit family and town. Once you arrive at Callahan Crossing you are not going to want to leave! I am looking forward to other books in this series!

Monday, January 25, 2010

DVD Review - "Antonio Meets His Match"

"Antonio Meets His Match" is the second dvd I have seen in Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends series. I put this on to watch with my 18 month old daughter and it held her attention for quite awhile! I would recommend this for young children up to age 8.
Antonio is the strongest and bravest ant in the garden. One day some kilt wearing foreign ants move into the garden and Antonio's first response is to have them leave. Antonio and the others in the garden begin a journey of learning the very important lesson of loving your neighbor as you love yourself. This may be easy if your neighbor is a nice person, however this is more difficult if the neighbor is annoying and mean. Antonio learns that no matter how annoying or mean his neighbor is, he needs to love his neighbor. This is all learned through a series of unusual competitions and situations that result in everyone learning the important lesson.
The "love your neighbor" concept is woven throughout the entire story. Anyone wanting to share this message with his or her child should watch this dvd.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Review - "The Choice"

Get ready to enter the world of Lancaster County! Suzanne Woods Fisher draws you into this fascinating world in her latest novel, "The Choice," book of Lancaster County Secrets. Sol, the man who Carrie loves, is asking her to leave the familiarity in life, their Amish community, to join him as he follows his dream of being a baseball player. Carrie, left to raise her younger brother, following the death of her father and not wanting him to be left in the clutches of her step-mother, Carrie makes a decision that she believes will be in the best interest for her brother as well as herself. However, Carrie will struggle with her decision and will be forced to make this choice once again at a later time.

Fisher shares a story that is unlike many of the other Amish novels that have been written. Tying in relationships not only among those living the Amish lifestyle, but also the "English" living in the same area gives a realistic feel to the entire novel. Be prepared to experience a whole range of emotions as you experience Carrie's struggles, heartaches, joys and love. There were several times throughout the novel that I felt frustrated and upset due to the heartache that Carrie was experiencing, and then at times felt so hopeful for her as life seemed to be looking up.

The reader is quickly drawn into this novel and Fisher's style makes it easy for the reader to get lost in this world. I am greatly looking forward to book 2 in the Lancaster County Secrets series. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

“Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”