Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review - "The Noticer"

How often do we really think about how we impact others around us? Just a word, action, look, kind gesture to show we care can make a world a difference in another person’s life. Jones, the main character in Andy Andrews’ book “The Noticer” teaches the reader to take a moment and really observe and notice things around us. This book in the most uplifting book that I have read in a long time. Do not think that you do not have time to read this; it is a quick read and really is a book that should not be passed over. I sat down to read the first chapter and continued on until I was interrupted. Andrews pulls you into the story of Jones and his interactions with the people he meets. Jones provides people who are “down and out” and think they have no hope with some perspective and offers a glimpse of hope. It has made me think of Emerson Drive’s song, “Moments,” as there are times in life that we are feeling as if everything in our world is crashing down around us and there is no hope and then all it takes is that one person to provide a different perspective and offer a little glimmer of hope that helps us to get through that next moment. I really encourage each person to read this book, it is inspiring and can be life changing for you

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Review - "Face of Betrayal"

“Face of Betrayal” by Lis Wiehl with April Henry is a fiction novel that pulls you even with the first sentence. There is a sense of suspense within the first couple of sentences that has the reader wondering what is really going with Katie and who she is meeting up with, especially with how her dog reacts. Throughout the book there are many relevant issues presented and discussed for today’s society including online predators, spousal abuse, friendship, online networking sites and infertility. “The Triple Threat” is what three friends with expertise in different areas call themselves as their experience and work allows them to make great strides with cracking cases as they are working on now with the disappearance of Katie. The suspense throughout the book keeps the reader turning the pages and the legal aspect and other subplots and current issues tied in holds the reader’s interest. I was happy to see that a sequel is already being worked on as this is a series that I am sure many will enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Review - "Higher Hope" by Robert Whitlow

“Higher Hope” by Robert Whitlow is the second book in his series “Tides of Truth.” This book follows the first book, “Deeper Water.” I have not read “Deeper Water,” however I still enjoyed this book and did not feel lost while reading it. I will definitely go and read the first book in the series now, as Whitlow drew me into Tami Taylor’s life. Whitlow’s style of writing is very enjoyable to read and allows the reader to feel as if s/he is actually experiencing the story with the characters and a part of their lives. This story ties in family, romance, suspense, uncertainty, and excitement making this book a great choice to read!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Review - "His Name is Jesus" by Max Lucado

I have just received “His Name is Jesus,” a hardcover book enclosed in a cardboard sleeve by Max Lucado. This book is beautiful! Lucado has filled this book with beautiful illustrations that really illuminate the accounts of Jesus adding so much to the words on the pages that it really allows you to imagine being there in the stories. Beginning with Jesus’ birth, you are taken to Bethlehem and ponder the innkeepers’ family’s thoughts about Mary and Joseph coming to the door and then staying in the stable. The other sections of the book include “His Mission,” “His Death,” “His Resurrection,” and “His Legacy,” allowing the reader to experience Jesus’ life and ministry including raising Lazarus from the dead and feeding five thousand people. This work from Max Lucado is a wonderful addition for your collection!