Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Review - "His Name is Jesus" by Max Lucado

I have just received “His Name is Jesus,” a hardcover book enclosed in a cardboard sleeve by Max Lucado. This book is beautiful! Lucado has filled this book with beautiful illustrations that really illuminate the accounts of Jesus adding so much to the words on the pages that it really allows you to imagine being there in the stories. Beginning with Jesus’ birth, you are taken to Bethlehem and ponder the innkeepers’ family’s thoughts about Mary and Joseph coming to the door and then staying in the stable. The other sections of the book include “His Mission,” “His Death,” “His Resurrection,” and “His Legacy,” allowing the reader to experience Jesus’ life and ministry including raising Lazarus from the dead and feeding five thousand people. This work from Max Lucado is a wonderful addition for your collection!

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