Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Available Today - "All That Really Matters"


The latest book by Nicole Deese should be the top of your must-read list, it is that good!  And look at that gorgeous cover as well!

Molly is a social media influencer.  She has a ton of followers and is used to getting likes and shares with her content.  However, her best friend is a woman who has worked for her and lives hundreds of miles away and they have never actually met in person.  When an opportunity arises that may help her to promote herself and her career even further, Molly will do what it takes to land this deal.  Although, Molly has not really worked with people face to face and those in need, she knows this will give her the edge she needs and so with the help of her brother, who is also a Pastor, she finds herself at a beautiful place that has been turned into a transitional home for older teenagers who are transitioning out of foster care.  However, Molly does not receive the warm reception that she is used to receiving from those she comes in contact with.  Silas takes his job as director of this home very seriously as he must do all he can to help these young adults be successful and find their way in the world, by making positive choices and being on the right path.  Molly is the last person that Silas would like to see working with these impressionable young people.  However, they both realize that appearances are not everything, and they both might need something more than what they currently have in their lives.  

This book is so well-written and there are so many layers to the story.  So many individuals connected, yet still lost and trying to fine their way.  So many past hurts and situations that have led to where each person is at in their journey.  So much healing and peace to be sought after and found.  While Molly and Silas are the main characters, there are so many other characters that really play such important roles in the series and I loved as well.  I found myself completely caught up in the storyline and in the characters' lives as Nicole does such a fantastic job with bringing the characters to life.  This is a book that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.  

*Thanks to the author for including me on this launch team, and for the complimentary copy of this book, all opinions are my own.*