Sunday, June 21, 2009

Book Review - "God's Little Princess Devotional Bible"

“God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible” is perfect for your little girl! It is a nice size for them to hold onto and read. It is filled with bright colors, and different fonts that catch their attention, not to mention the “jeweled” front cover. With “Bible” in the title, do not misunderstand and think this book to be a Bible, instead it is a book filled with Biblical based devotionals specifically designed for young/preteen girls. The Bible texts that are included are from the International Children’s Bible; therefore they are easily understood. Bible stories and verses are used to help illustrate different qualities and truths that we desire our daughters to have. A couple of the sections focus on beauty (not only outside, but inside as well!), being a friends to others and understanding God’s love. This is a wonderful book for girls and a fun book for mothers and daughters to enjoy together!