Saturday, April 27, 2013

Book Review - "Duchess"

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Book Info

About Duchess: Book Three in the Daughters of Fortune series.

When her country needs her, will she have the courage to surrender her glittering world and her one true love?
The golden age of Hollywood is in the business of creating stars. Rosie Worth, now starlet Roxy Price, has found everything she's wanted in the glamour of the silver screen. With adoring fans and a studio-mogul husband, she's finally silenced the voices-and grief-of the past. Her future shines bright...until the fated Black Friday when it all comes crashing down. When Roxy loses everything, she finds herself disgraced and penniless. Her only hope is to join forces with Belgian duke Rolfe Van Horne, a longtime film investor. But Rolfe is not who he seems, and he has other plans for Roxy and her movies-plans to support a growing unrest in Europe, plans that could break her heart and endanger her life. Find out more about the series by clicking on these links. Heiress. Baroness.

Purchase a copy:

Meet Susan: Susan May Warren is the bestselling, RITA Award-winning author of more than forty novels whose compelling plots and unforgettable characters have won acclaim with readers and reviewers alike. She served with her husband and four children as a missionary in Russia for eight years before she and her family returned home to the States. She now writes full-time as her husband runs a lodge on Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, where many of her books are set. She and her family enjoy hiking, canoeing, and being involved in their local church. Several of her critically acclaimed novels have been ECPA and CBA bestsellers, were chosen as Top Picks by Romantic Times, and have won the RWA's Inspirational Reader's Choice contest and the American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year award. Five of her books have been Christy Award finalists. In addition to her writing, Susan loves to teach and speak at women's events about God's amazing grace in our lives. She also runs a writing community for authors. Visit to learn more. For exciting updates on her new releases, previous books, and more, visit her website at
My Review -
I loved all three books in Susan May Warren's Daughters of Fortune series, but I think I would say that book three "Duchess" was my favorite!  Rosie who is known all over the world as Roxy Price is a wonderful actress, such a wonderful one that no one knows the turmoil she deals with herself everyday, the regrets about her past and the conflict over her choices and what she should decide now.  I have to say that Rosie was not one of my favorite characters from the previous two novels, but this book is really her story and focuses on her and I fell in love with her and admired her. I instantly loved Rolfe and Sophie.  Although, I did not want to at first, I did like Irene and greatly admired Irene and Roxy for being there for each other when they both needed a friend and help.  This book is filled with so many good lessons for us and it is also so enjoyable to read.  The time period was really brought alive as well and I loved reading about it from the perspectives of an actress and a duke.  The ending was so beautiful and well-written, an excellent conclusion to the series.
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review - "Unrivaled"

"Unrivaled," a novel by Siri Mitchell, is a sweet love story that is filled with strong and spunky characters whom you will fall in love with!  Lucy Kendall returns home from a trip around Europe with her aunt and uncle and she is all excited to share what she saw and experienced; however her life is drastically changed.  Lucy's father has suffered heart problems and is confined to bed, her father's candy company is struggling and almost all of Lucy's friends have married and moved.  Lucy is chosen as this season's Queen of Love and Beauty, so Lucy decides to make the most of this and creates a candy, with her faithful sidekick Sam, that is sure to turn things around for her father's company.  However, at the ball no one likes the candy.  Lucy is devastated and finds comfort and friendship in a stranger; however the stranger turns out to be Charlie Clarke, the son of the man who stole Lucy's father's recipe, company and dream years ago and is the Kendall family's enemy.  Charlie's father deserted his family when Charlie was young and Charlie had to step up and be the man and provide for the family any way he could, even if it meant by unsavory means.  Charlie is forced into a second chance with his father and he tries to do his father's wishes, but will he follow through even if it will cost the heart of the one he loves?
I loved this book!  Charlie and Lucy are both excellent main characters, both full of spunk and yet so real and honest and both struggling to find who they really are.  Each chapter alternates between Charlie's and Lucy's point of view and I love this approach to telling the story as it really lets the reader be a part of each of their worlds.  The minor characters are great as well.  Winnie and Mr. Arthur both play important parts as they each help Charlie and Lucy discover things about themselves, even though they are not all good things, but overall help them to become better individuals and who they really hope and want to be.  Sam is a character I loved as well.  At first, I thought there may be love between Sam and Lucy, but I like how Sam's character and story was written and the happy ending for him as well.  This is a well-written book that is a sweet story and fun to read with some mystery thrown in as well. 
*Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review - "The Gate"

"The Gate," a novel by Dann A. Stouten, is this author's first novel and a feel good story that you will not want to miss out on!

Schuyler had been planning on a vacation with his wife, but that vacation turned into a shopping weekend for his wife and daughters and Sky was left to do as he wished. What he wished to do was follow up on an ad he saw on the Internet, an ad for a vacation cottage that reminds him of where he went when he was young.  This seems like perfect timing and just what he needs as he is feeling worn out and stressed with life in general.  However, as soon as Sky arrives he realizes that this place is really closer to paradise than he imagined.

This is a book that really you must read, I do not want to tell you many details as you have to experience it for yourself.  This is a well-written story that will leave you pondering your own life - what it is now and how it could be, what Heaven is going to be like and how you want to live the rest of your life on earth. This is an excellent debut novel and I am hoping this author writes many more!

“Available April 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review - "Gone South"

"Gone South," a brand-new novel by Meg Moseley, is a wonderful story to delve right into and get lost in.  Tish is a Yankee and proud of her ancestral roots.  Tish stops by the town where her great-great-great-grandparents lived in Alabama and sees that their former home is for sale.  Tish cannot resist this house and decides to settle here in this town.  However, suddenly Tish finds herself being the object of hate and rumors and she discovers that there may be things she does not know about her ancestors, ancestors dating back to the Civil War.  As Tish tries to settle into her new home and be accepted, she makes some unusual friends and tries to continue to be true to herself.

I really enjoyed this book!  I know you should not judge a book by it's cover, but I was immediately drawn to this book because of the cover!  I absolutely love the cover on this book, to me it is a great representation of a mix of the past and present and trying to find "home."  I loved the characters and how immersed in their lives I became while reading the story.  This is the first book I have read by this author and it will not be my last! 

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Book Review - "Letters to Katie"

"Letters to Katie," A Middlefield Family novel,  is the latest Amish novel written by Kathleen Fuller and this book in a winner! 

Book Description from the publisher:

Everything changed between them the first time he called her Katie.
Katherine Yoder has loved Johnny Mullet since they were children, but he never actively returned her affections. Like so many things in their world, he assumes Katherine will always be there. Once his horse farm is a success, then he will court her in earnest.
For several weeks, Katherine has been plagued by severe headaches and dizziness. While resting at home, Johnny unexpectedly visits, but when dizziness strikes, she loses consciousness. She awakens hours later in a hospital bed, unable to remember how she got there.
Seeing Katherine injured and vulnerable stirs something in Johnny, and his guilt compels him to spend time with her while she heals. Soon his heart begins to stir with questions: Does she even remember why he'd come to her house that day?
As Katherine struggles to recall recent memories of Johnny, a surprise visitor arrives in her already unsteady world—a man named Isaac who claims they had been writing letters to each other, even considering marriage, before her illness.
With two men vying for her attention and her memory still elusive, Katherine has never felt so divided. The answer may lie behind a door she never considered opening.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book as it is filled with characters who the reader can easily relate to and Kare good lessons throughout as well as a sweet romance.  Katherine and Johnny have been focused on what they want in life and have lost focus of having God as the number one in their life and looking to Him to guide them.  I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop in the midst of distractions and miscommunications.  This is a touching Amish romance that will encourage you to make sure your priorities and focus are right in your own lives and leaving you happy for the characters at the end of the story.

*Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for the complimentary copy of this  book in exchange for a honest review.*

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Book Review - "Sweet Sanctuary"

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Book Info
About Sweet Sanctuary: A Story of Hope and Love Set Against the Backdrop of World War II
Lydia Eldredge longs to provide sanctuary for her young son, Nicky. But a constant threat comes from Nicky's drug-addicted father, who wants the boy and seems willing to do whatever it takes to get him.
Dr. Micah Hatcher faithfully serves the immigrant population of Queens, New York. But under cover of darkness, he has a secret mission that challenges everything he thought he wanted out of life.
When Lydia and Micah's paths cross, they are suddenly wrapped up in each other's callings. Together, they seek a refuge of safety-for Nicky, for themselves, and for the needy people God puts into their lives. Amid turmoil and discord, can hope and love prevail?

Purchase a copy:

Meet Kim: Kim Vogel Sawyer is the author of twenty-one novels, including several CBA and ECPA bestsellers. Her books have won the ACFW Book of the Year Award, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and the Inspirational Readers Choice Award. Kim is active in her church, where she leads women's fellowship and participates in both voice and bell choirs. In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy. Kim and her husband, Don, reside in central Kansas, and have three daughters and nine grandchildren.
Find out more about Kim at
My Review:
"Sweet Sanctuary," a historical romance novel written by Kim Vogel Sawyer, really is a sweet read that will transport you to New York City near the end of World War II.  Lydia is trying to raise her best friend's son and keep him away from his biological father who is addicted to drugs.  Lydia's father meddles in Lydia's life and suddenly Micah becomes a part of her life again and also part of Nicky's.  However, Lydia discovers that Micah has some secrets of his own and he is involved with some secretive activities.  Lydia decides to help him and at the same time finds herself falling for him as well, but will love win over everything else?  This book is one that you just need to read for yourself, as I do not want to give away too many details!  It is fast-paced and has twists and turns that will keep you reading and engrossed in the characters' lives.  This is an excellent story filled with romance, suspense and danger along with historical details that really bring this time period and setting alive. 
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Book Review - "Take A Chance on Me"

I was so excited to see that there was a new Susan May Warren book coming out and not only that, but a new series that is a spin-off from her Deep Haven series which I love! "Take a Chance on Me" is book one is Warren's six book Christiansen Family series and it is one that will have you immersed in the story and in the characters' lives immediately and leave you wanting to spend more time with them.  Darek is trying to raise his young son alone and also trying to help keep the family resort business open.  When his brother is unable to participate in a town auction, Darek steps in and is purchased by a stranger, a new woman who has moved to town.  However, Ivy, is not as much of a stranger as he first believes her to be, as their pasts intertwine.  Ivy is pleased to not only have landed the job as the assistant county attorney, but also to be living in Deep Haven, a town that immediately feels like home to her as she has never experienced the feeling of family and belonging before.  Darek and Ivy are both struggling with issues from their pasts and a past situation that is still very much alive for them both.  Will this get in the way for Ivy to finally have someone and somewhere to call home?
I loved this story and cannot wait for the second book in the series to come out!  Deep Haven is such a great setting for this series and the Christiansen family is a family who is there for each other through thick and thin and the everyday laughs and struggles.  I also love Ivy's character as well as Jensen's character.  The mention of former characters and landmarks in Deep Haven reminded me of how much I enjoyed that series as well.  This is a story that will have you laughing and crying as the characters face their pasts, work together and find love. 
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book Review - "Love at Any Cost"

"Love at Any Cost" is book 1 in Julie Lessman's exciting new The Heart of San Francisco series. This is a historical romance series that is set in the early 1900's and the reader will be transported back into time to this exciting time period.  Cassidy is an oil heiress, but does not have a fortune, and is therefore jilted by a fortune hunter.  Cassidy leaves Texas for a summer visit with her relatives in San Francisco and she is hoping to forget all about her broken heart.  Cassidy is hoping to spend time with her family and never expects to fall for someone; however along comes Jamie.  Jamie is trying to move up in society and he believes that marrying well will not only secure his place, but also provide much needed help for his mother and sister.  Is Cassidy ready to give her heart to Jamie and if she does will Jamie only end up breaking it when he finds out that Cassidy does not have the means he believes her to have?
This is such a fun and fast-moving read that I was immediately drawn into the story as it has a fun storyline and also excellent characters!  Cassidy is a great main character who is spunky, fun-loving and entertaining, yet also real so that she is easy to empathize with.  Jamie is a character who you cannot help but love as well!  Caitlin and Logan have their own story alongside Cassidy and Jamie as well and their relationship is one that is filled with love, tension and emotions.  This is an excellent start to a series that any historical romance fan will not want to miss out on!
“Available April 15, 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.” 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Review - "Stress Test"

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Book Info
About Stress Test: They may not have enough evidence to convict him, but they have enough to ruin his life.
Dr. Matt Newman thought he was leaving his life in private practice for a better one in academic medicine. But the kidnappers who attacked him as he left his last shift in the ER have no such plans-they just want him dead. Bound and in the trunk of his car, Matt's only thought is escape. He does so, but at a price: a head injury that lands him in the ICU . . . where he awakens to discover he's being charged with murder.
Sandra Murray is a fiery, redheaded lawyer who swore she was done with doctors. But when Matt calls, she knows she can't walk away from defending someone who is truly innocent.
Matt's career is going down the drain. His freedom and perhaps his life may be next. But with the police convinced he's a murderer and the kidnappers still trying to finish what they started, finding the truth-and the faith to keep going-will be the toughest stress test Matt has ever endured.
Purchase a copy:

Meet Richard: A retired physician, Dr. Richard Mabry is the author of four critically acclaimed novels of medical suspense. His previous works have been finalists for the Carol Award and Romantic Times Reader's Choice Award, and have won the Selah Award. He is a past Vice-President of American Christian Fiction Writers and a member of the International Thriller Writers. He and his wife live in North Texas.

Learn more about Richard at:

My Review:

"Stress Test," by Richard L. Mabry, M.D., is a suspenseful read that will keep the reader turning pages from start to finish, anxious to find out the whole story!  Matt (Dr. Newman) thinks quickly and is able to escape when he is kidnapped; once he wakes up at the hospital he realizes his life will never be the same as he is being accused for murder.  Matt finds himself deserted by his girlfriend, having to hire a lawyer, without a vehicle and needing to buy a gun which he had no need to before that awful night in the parking garage.  Sandra Murray is a top lawyer and knows she cannot not help Matt, although it is going to be a tough case emotionally for her.  I love how the author immediately draws the reader into the story as he starts rght out with action and suspence.  Then Jennifer is introduced and her character adds another element to the story as does Sandra as she has a past with Matt's doctor and is wary to get involved with another one.  This book is very well-written with the suspence, romance and relationship aspects and also the medical expertise that the author brings to it as well.  A fast-paced story that will leave you wanting to read more by this author!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Review - "When Jesus Wept"

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Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on April 22nd. Winner will be announced at the "When Jesus Wept" Author Chat Party on 4/23. Connect with the Thoenes, get a sneak peek of the next book in the Jerusalem Chronicles series, try your hand at a trivia contest, and chat with readers just like yourself. There will also be fun giveaways - gift certificates, books, and more!

So grab your copy of When Jesus Wept and join Bodie and Brock on the evening of the April 23rd for a chance to connect with the authors and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book - don't let that stop you from coming!)

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Book Info

About When Jesus Wept:
Book 1 in the Thoene's new Jerusalem Chronicles.
Lazarus occupies a surprising position in the Gospel accounts. Widely known as the man Jesus raised from the dead, his story is actually much broader and richer than that. Living as he did at Bethany, near Jerusalem, Lazarus was uniquely placed to witness the swirl of events around Jesus. When Jesus Wept, the first novel in The Jerusalem Chronicles series by bestselling authors Bodie and Brock Thoene, unfolds the turbulent times in Judea during Jesus' ministry, centering on the friendship between Jesus and Lazarus. With rich insights from vineyard owners and vine dressers, the Thoenes explore the metaphor of Jesus as the True Vine, harvesting the ancient secrets found in the Old Testament. Weaving the life of Lazarus, who owned a vineyard, into the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ will help you understand it is the hand of Love Divine that holds the knife, that cuts and breaks with such tender and loving touch, and that we who have born some fruit, after the pruning, can bear much more.
Link to buy the book:
Meet the Thoenes:
Bodie and Brock Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee) are bestselling authors of over sixty-five works of historical fiction. Their timeless classics have sold more than thirty-five million copies and won eight ECPA Gold Medallion Awards. The Thoenes have four grown children and eight grandchildren. They divide their time between Hawaii, London, and Nevada.
Find out more about Bodie and Brock at
My Review:
Bodie & Brock Thoene really bring to life the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as well as the historical figure of Lazarus in this latest novel, "When Jesus Wept."  This is the first book in their new Jerusalem Chronicles series and I am looking forward to reading the next!  This book is so well-written as it is rich with historical details, and written in a way that the scenes just come alive and really draw the reader into the story.  Lazarus became a new person to me as he began so real and I felt like I learned much more about him besides just the fact that he had been raised from the dead by Jesus.  Reading this book now was perfect timing as well as Easter has just been celebrated and it was a great reminder of the real reason for Easter and a reminder of all that Jesus went through for each one of us.
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book Review - "The Winnowing Season"

"The Winnowing Season," book 2 in Cindy Woodsmall's Amish Vines and Orchards series, picks up right where book 1 left off and immediately draws the reader back into the characters' lives. 
Rhoda is ready to move on and start her life over in Maine, far away from her community and those who judge and fear her due to her gift. However, it seems that Rhoda cannot escape her past.  Rhoda is not the only one who is trying to start over, as three of the Kings' are trying to start over with their orchard and business, yet each of them are dealing with personal issues in their lives as well.  As Rhoda spends more time with Samuel and Jacob both, she is drawn to both brothers and the brothers must face their feelings as well.  Leah is struggling with what path she should take in life and if she can turn away from her family and her faith.  Will Maine and starting over here be what is needed for all four of these individuals or will they be forced to make unpleasant choices and give up on what they want in life?

I have really enjoyed this series so far and am looking forward to book 3!  Cindy brings these characters to life and they have become real to me.  I find myself empathizing with them as they must face rumors and people looking down upon them and judging without really taking the time to get to know them.  Leah and Rhoda are both searching to find where they fit and must come to terms with their pasts and follow their hearts.  Jacob and Samuel must also be able to deal with their pasts in order to move forward and figure out their feelings for Rhoda and what they want in life.  This is a great Amish series that will have you turning the pages and then wanting more once you finish the books. 

*Thank you to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Company for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Review - "The Heiress of Winterwood"

"The Heiress of Winterwood," by Sarah Ladd, is book 1 in her Whispers on the Moors series and I am looking forward to reading book 2! Set in the early 1800's, you will be transported to a different era, but you will still be able to relate to the characters.

Book Description from the publishers:

Amelia Barrett gave her word. Keeping it could cost her everything.
Darbury, England, 1814
Amelia Barrett, heiress to an estate nestled in the English moors, defies family expectations and promises to raise her dying friend’s baby. She'll risk everything to keep her word—even to the point of proposing to the child’s father—a sea captain she’s never met.
When the child vanishes with little more than an ominous ransom note hinting to her whereabouts, Amelia and Graham are driven to test the boundaries of their love for this little one.
Amelia’s detailed plans would normally see her through any trial, but now, desperate and shaken, she’s forced to examine her soul and face her one weakness: pride.
Graham’s strength and self-control have served him well and earned him much respect, but chasing perfection has kept him a prisoner of his own discipline. And away from the family he has sworn to love and protect.
Both must learn to accept God’s sovereignty and relinquish control so they can grasp the future He has for planned for them.

My Review:
Amelia is a character whom I liked instantly!  She is so kind-hearted, spunky and has everyday struggles just like us all.  I loved the interactions between Amelia and Graham, two strangers who have a common bond to ultimately falling in love and the struggles and barriers along the way.  the author has a great style of writing as the story flowed so well and I was immediately invested in the characters' lives and the storyline.  The mystery element added much to the story as well.  I am looking forward to reading more by this author!
*Thank you to Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson Publishing for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

Book Review - "The Dance"

Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley have partnered up to write a series together and this is a series that every couple should read and will want to read!  "The Dance" is book 1 in their Restoration Series and introduces us to the Anderson family.  A family that has the right image and a family who everyone believes is perfect; however this family is just like "real-life" families - families who struggles financially, emotionally, physically and who need to rely on God and communicate with each other. Jim and Marilyn have been married for 27 years and are parents of three children and are also now grandparents.  Jim has a good job, the couple has a beautiful home and Jim believes Marilyn is happy as she has everything she could want in life.  However, Marilyn is not happy.  Marilyn does not have a connection with Jim that she longs for and needs on a daily basis and one day she moves out, leaving behind a note, but not telling anyone where she is except for her daughter.  As Jim tries to come to terms with Marilyn not being in the home, he begins to talk with his children, really talk with them and listen.  At the same time, Marilyn is pursuing things that she has been wanting to do, work outside of the home and take dance lessons as well as continue to help their daughter plan for her upcoming wedding.  As Marilyn and Jim learn about themselves, their relationship and each other they also spend time with others who help them to learn and grow as well.  With the help of Audrey, Jim sets out to win back Marilyn and her heart.
This is such a well-written book and one that is filled with a lot for the reader to think about in regards to his or her own relationships.  This book addresses everyday issues and throws in help as well from Audrey (everyone needs an Audrey in his or her life!) and also some of Smalley's previous books.  This is an excellent start to the series and I cannot wait to spend more time with the Anderson family and learning more about the children.  I am looking forward to book 2, "The Promise," scheduled to release on September 1, 2013, just a few months away!

“Available April 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”