Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Finding Wings"


I became hooked on Deborah Raney's books, when I read her Chicory Lane novels, and I have loved her Chandler Sisters series as well!  "Finding Wings" is the last novel in the Chandler Sisters series and I was sad to see it end, but loved how it ended.  Also, there was a shoutout to a character from her Chicory Lane series and I am hoping that there may be more novels to come that will mention the Chandler girls and their families!

Britt is the youngest Chandler sister and feels like she has had to put her life on hold, has had to live her life revolving around her older sisters' lives.  Not that she doesn't love her sisters or do anything for them or that she doesn't love her role with their Airbnb adventure, but she feels like she may be missing out from doing something else.  Rafe met Britt years earlier when he responded to a frantic call made by her and it happens that he is the one to respond to her call now when her sister is struggling during her pregnancy.  Britt is completely drawn in by his voice and his ability to calmly do his job and help; however Rafe felt anything but calm as it reminded him of a night from his past.  As Britt and Rafe begin to talk and spend time together, it is a struggle to find the time with all of their responsibilities and also Rafe is not sure of what all he wants to tell of his family and his past.  

Britt, Jo and Phee all are wonderful characters and they were so relatable for me.  The three sisters are all so different from each other, but have their similarities and their sisterly bond is enviable.  I have enjoyed each of their stories as their true personalities shown through and also at the same time the others sisters' stories continued on in each book.  I was sad to see this series end and hope that there will be more stories that will have will have some scenes taking place on their property perhaps.  This is a story that will help you to realize that you are who you are and where you are for a reason and God is with us through all of the highs and lows.  

Friday, September 4, 2020

"Amaryllis Journey" blog tour!


About the Book

Book:  Amaryllis Journey
Author: Konnie Viner
Genre:  Christian Fiction/Romance
Release Date: July 23, 2020

You’re worthless, Shannon. This marriage is worthless. I deserve to be happy. We’re done!
Andrew’s cruel words have haunted Shannon for months . . . through the divorce, a move to a new town, a new job, new friends. And then she meets Max, who just might be the antidote she needs to recover completely. Until Andrew shows up again, ready to reconcile. And Shannon feels obligated to give him another chance.

As Andrew’s attention becomes more demanding and more deceptive, Shannon’s new friend, Rose, speaks truth and peace into her broken life. But Rose has her own secrets, and they’re about to catch up her.

When it all comes crashing down, can either of them trust God enough to let Him showcase the perfect imperfections of their lives?

My Review:
This book was a great read, full of beauty, hope, and yes also hurt, but also healing.  I started reading this saying I was just going to read the first chapter, and the next thing I knew I was halfway through the book.  Shannon is a main character whom you cannot help feeling a connection to, and someone who you want things to work out for in the end.  Shannon has had so many changes in her life and things seem to be on a smooth path, this new life; but then her past shows up.  Rose is such a wonderful friend to Shannon; we all need a Rose in our lives to speak the truth.  I love the imagery with the flowers and this beautiful shop and the beauty that God brings to our lives in the midst of the trials. 
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About the Author

Konnie Viner writes with the goal of helping others find hope in the midst of brokenness and disappointment. She is also the author of Rested Soul, Resilient Heart (2017). Konnie holds a BS in Education from the University of Kansas and an MS in Business Management from the University of Redlands, CA. She is a former secondary education teacher and is currently self-employed.


More from Konnie

Amaryllis Journey is my second book, but first novel. It was written to bring to life one woman’s struggle to move out of the pain and insecurity of marital betrayal and divorce, into the light of God’s grace. Shannon Enright’s  new life is facilitated by a wise friend, Rose Daniels, who has been where she is and knows that what is broken is not useless and what is bare can bloom again.
Reeling from the pain and rejection of a nasty divorce, Shannon decides to start life over—in a new town, with a new job, new home, new friends. It isn’t easy, but things are finally starting to come together for her. Secrets from her marriage are still unfolding, but she grits her teeth and moves on. Looking for diversion, Shannon volunteers at a local florist shop and tearoom. There she finds more than she ever imagined.
Rose owns and operates the Amaryllis, a unique gift shop in Shannon’s new town. She repurposes broken household items, turning them into beautifully useful works of art. But Rose’s real purpose is to help others find beauty in the brokenness of life. She counsels young women like Shannon, showing them the quiet love of a faithful God and teaching them to trust His plan.
When Shannon’s ex returns, at first to sweet-talk and then to demand, it’s Rose’s counsel that keeps Shannon safe and sane. But Rose has been hiding her own dark and dangerous secrets, and her past is about to catch up with her.
When things come crashing down around them, will either woman find the strength to let God showcase the perfect imperfections of their lives?
I went through my own divorce ten years ago. I’ve experienced many of the same emotions and insecurities that Shannon does. I wrote her story so others can know that the disappointments and failures of your past don’t have to dictate what’s to come. When I chose to have Rose rescue cracked and broken pots and make them into something beautiful, it was with deliberate intent.
I love Rose’s passion for bringing beauty from the broken. Her repurposed containers carry the beauty of God’s creation (flowers) into the world. Our lives are like her art. We are vehicles for God’s grace. Our chips and cracks do not diminish His glory. They showcase His power and His redeeming love.
Publication of Amaryllis Journey was bittersweet for me because the character Rose was modeled after my mother who was my mentor. I did not tell Mom I was writing this book because “my” plan was to dedicate it to her. But God had other plans, and He called her home to Heaven suddenly before the book was completed. It is now dedicated to her memory.

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