Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Finding Wings"


I became hooked on Deborah Raney's books, when I read her Chicory Lane novels, and I have loved her Chandler Sisters series as well!  "Finding Wings" is the last novel in the Chandler Sisters series and I was sad to see it end, but loved how it ended.  Also, there was a shoutout to a character from her Chicory Lane series and I am hoping that there may be more novels to come that will mention the Chandler girls and their families!

Britt is the youngest Chandler sister and feels like she has had to put her life on hold, has had to live her life revolving around her older sisters' lives.  Not that she doesn't love her sisters or do anything for them or that she doesn't love her role with their Airbnb adventure, but she feels like she may be missing out from doing something else.  Rafe met Britt years earlier when he responded to a frantic call made by her and it happens that he is the one to respond to her call now when her sister is struggling during her pregnancy.  Britt is completely drawn in by his voice and his ability to calmly do his job and help; however Rafe felt anything but calm as it reminded him of a night from his past.  As Britt and Rafe begin to talk and spend time together, it is a struggle to find the time with all of their responsibilities and also Rafe is not sure of what all he wants to tell of his family and his past.  

Britt, Jo and Phee all are wonderful characters and they were so relatable for me.  The three sisters are all so different from each other, but have their similarities and their sisterly bond is enviable.  I have enjoyed each of their stories as their true personalities shown through and also at the same time the others sisters' stories continued on in each book.  I was sad to see this series end and hope that there will be more stories that will have will have some scenes taking place on their property perhaps.  This is a story that will help you to realize that you are who you are and where you are for a reason and God is with us through all of the highs and lows.  

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