Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Chosen People"

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About the Book

Chosen People

Book: Chosen People  
Author: Robert Whitlow  
Genre: Legal Drama  
Release Date: November 6, 2018  
Publisher: HarperCollins

Bestselling author Robert Whitlow dives deep into the legal ramifications of a tragic event half a world away and how it affects two lawyers in Atlanta from vastly different backgrounds. When Hana Abboud walked into the conference room, she was unprepared for the images of a horrific terrorist attack near the Western Wall in Jerusalem. But after watching a courageous mother sacrifice her life to save her four-year-old daughter, Hana knew she needed to help attorney Jakob Brodsky represent the family’s pursuit of justice against those who perpetrate acts of violent jihad. As an Arab Israeli lawyer trained at Hebrew University, Hana is uniquely qualified to step into the gap. But they need a third partner, an investigator on the ground to help them unravel the snake pit of connections between the terrorists and an organization or company that can be sued in the American courts. Hana returns home to Israel and meets with investigator Hamid Hasan who quickly becomes more than a crucial part of the litigation team. As Jakob and Hana investigate the case in the US, he is stalked on the streets of Atlanta by affiliates of a terrorist organization. Their pursuit of truth can only be resolved where it began: the streets of Jerusalem. But who can they trust? How deep does deceit go? Can two lawyers and a shadowy investigator impact the kind of violence and terror that has become common in our broken world?

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About the Author

Robert whitlow

Robert Whitlow is the bestselling author of legal novels set in the South and winner of the Christy Award for Contemporary Fiction. He received his J.D. with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law where he served on the staff of the Georgia Law Review. Website:, Twitter: @whitlowwriter, Facebook: robertwhitlowbooks

Guest Post from Robert

Inside the Story

Chosen People—a title that reflects both the Biblical designation for the Jewish nation as well as converted Christians—opens during a terrorist attack near the Western Wall in Jerusalem. A courageous mother sacrifices her life to save her young daughter, leaving behind a grieving husband and a motherless child. Whitlow’s many trips to Israel and his in-depth research into the culture and laws of the Holy City are evident throughout the story. Furthermore, his experience as a lawyer gives him keen insight into the mind of his main character Hanna Abboud, an Arab Christian Israeli lawyer working in Atlanta. “This book provides a unique perspective to this region and its peoples through the eyes of an Arab Christian who believes that the faithfulness of God and truths of the Bible are unshakable realities,” says Whitlow. “This viewpoint is rarely expressed, yet it is one that needs and deserves to be heard so that it can become part of our framework for understanding this vital part of the world and the people who live there.”

My Review:
Robert Whitlow has written another page-turner as "Chosen People" will draw you into the story immediately and keep you hooked until the very end!  I was on a John Grisham kick years ago and Robert's style of writing and stories have a similar feel to them, perfect for those whom enjoy a fast-paced, intense read that has a legal spin to it; however the Bible and God's truths are interwoven into the story as well.  Terrorism is such a huge threat in today's world and therefore, "Chosen People," is a story that feels so real as it could be something that you see on the news.  When Hana sees the situation that she has been asked to help out with, there is no way that she can say no, and this speaks so much to her character, her heart, her passion and I immediately liked her.  As Hana and Jakob struggle with this case and knowing who can be trusted they are forced to trust God and seek guidance.  This book has so much to it, the action and real-life situations, the legal aspect of terrorism and how everyone is impacted by these acts and the need for God's help and guidance in everyday life.  I highly recommend this latest book from Robert as it will not disappoint!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"The Unannounced Christmas Visitor"

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About the Book

The Unannounced Christmas Visitor
Book: The Unannounced Christmas Visitor  
Author: Patrick Higgins  
Genre: Christian fiction/Christmas  
Release Date: November 18, 2014

What if angels really did come from the most unlikely of places? That’s exactly what happens in this heartwarming story, set in a homeless community in Anywhere USA. Sent to Planet Earth by his Maker, disguised as a homeless person, Enoch was on a mission: to rescue a man whose life was slowly but steadily spiraling out of control Inspired by Hebrews 13:2, “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it,” this story will stir your soul like never before, guaranteed! 2016 IPA (INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHER AWARDS) GOLD MEDAL AWARD WINNER.

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About the Author

Patrick higgins

Patrick Higgins is the author of “The Pelican Trees”, “Coffee In Manila”, the award-winning “The Unannounced Christmas Visitor”, and the award-winning prophetic end times series, “Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye.”

Guest Post from Patrick

Why I wrote the book: Inspired by Hebrews 13:2, “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it,” this story will stir your soul like never before, guaranteed!

My Review:
Patrick Higgins has written a story that we all need to hear, us as Christians, not being a "Christian" as we perceive this role to be, but living as Jesus would live during His time on Earth, among and with the people.  This book begins with a man whom no one has seen before being escorted from the front of the church sanctuary to the back, a man whom people are eyeing and thinking to themselves what he is there for, perhaps money for drugs, a warm place if he's homeless, judging thoughts.  In the same sanctuary, sits Lydia who is thankful her husband is attending church with the family today, but also discouraged and embarrassed that he is on his cell phone and seemingly engaged from the family and life in general and has been for so many months.  However, this family is hurting, is struggling, but to all appearances, things may be fine.  
This story is just filled with so many things that we all can relate to and things that we all need to hear and remember.  God is the only judge, but yet we are so quick to judge those around us, how they are living their lives.  Also, there are so many attacks coming from us at all directions to keep us from living our life how God has intended so that we are feeling defeated, lost and seeking comfort from other areas in our lives.  Patrick presents this story in a way that is completely relatable and nonthreatening at the same time with characters whom are easy to love.  I finished this book feeling hopeful and inspired and reminded about being Jesus and showing love to others, not following a mold that the world has built as far as how church and Christians should be.  This is a wonderful story and message for this time of year, but one to be remembered throughout the year.  

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

"Christmas Love Year Round"

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About the Book

Book: Christmas Love Year Round
Author: Elaine Stock
Genre: Christian romance, sweet romance
Release Date: September 25, 2018

Cami Richardson is good at chasing away the men in her life: first Gavin Kinkaid, a former classmate she’d helped to bully, and later, her husband who left her widowed and a single mom. Now all she wants is to bring a smile back to her eight-year-old son. What she doesn’t expect is for Gavin to become her new neighbor.
Gavin wants to settle down after serving in the Air Force and mend the separation between him and his dad. What he didn’t count on is his changing feelings when he sees Cami as a kind woman instead of his former adversary.
When Cami’s son blindsides them both during the Christmas season, is their reunion at risk or will it grow stronger?

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About the Author

Elaine Stock is the author of the novels Her Good Girl, winner of the 2018 American Fiction Awards in the Christian Inspirational category, and Always With You, which won the 2017 Christian Small Publishers Association Book of the Year Award in fiction. And You Came Along, a novella, released in December 2017. Her novels fuse romance, family drama and faith in a clean fiction style. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Women’s Fiction Writers Association. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, she hangs out on her active blog, Everyone’s Story, dedicated to uplifting and encouraging all readers through the power of story and hope.
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Elaine has now been living in upstate, rural New York with her husband for more years than her stint as a NYC gal. She enjoys long walks down country roads, visiting New England towns, and of course, a good book.

Guest Post from Elaine

To love someone with all of your heart is the only thing that matters in this world. Readers often ask the origin of a story idea. When I wrote my first published novel, Always With You, I was asked if my husband was a white supremacist. No! When Her Good Girl released, the questions of whether my mother practiced Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy popped up as well. Although my mother unfortunately did suffer another mental illness, it wasn’t MSP. And now Christmas Love Year Round, Book 1 of the Kindred Lake romance series, is on sale. What does fuel my writing? What is a connecting theme between the stories I write? Love. Love is the most essential relationship we must share between all…between family members, friends, neighbors…between strangers, enemies, those who live differently than us, and foreign countries. A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:34-35 (NIV) Yet, isn’t honest love the hardest thing to do? Perhaps it is also the most difficult virtue to teach and the most vexing passion to express. Imagine this scenario: You’re a widowed mom with an impressionable eight-year-old son. Your conscience is riddled with the worry that you might have pushed your husband toward his death, and that’s on top of the weight bearing down on you from your childhood days of participating with others to bully a particular family in town. Then, the one boy who was part of that picked-upon family, now a grown man and stirringly handsome purchases the house across the street from you. You’ll likely see him every day. And, with a gulp, you realize…that you want to see him. That actually, despite all that transpired between the two of you back in high school, you’re Attracted to him with a Capital A. Might that magnetism between the two of you be mutual? This is the set-up between Cami and Gavin in Christmas Love Year Round. Will these two former adversaries forgive not only each other but themselves as well and take loving one’s neighbor to the next step of falling in love and making amends into amens? May each of you be blessed with love and joy year round!

My Review:
"Christmas Love Year Round" is such a sweet start to this new series by Elaine Stock.  This is a perfect story to kick off the holiday season.  Holidays can be such a magical time and a time for families to get together and make memories; however, it can also be a time of sadness for so many whom have lost loved ones and trying to adjust to holidays without them.  This is the case for Cami and Danny as they have lost their husband and father and now Danny has lost his "friend" through the community center and he is hesitant to have a new one assigned to him.  When his new "friend" Gavin is looking at the house against the street for sale, Cami is forced to face her past as she and Gavin grew together, but it was far from friendly.  Cami and Gavin must face their past and the bullying that went on and try to see what the future will hold. 
Elaine does an incredible job with addressing touchy issues as everyone has something in their past that they are not exactly proud of.  Cami and Gavin were kids/teenagers and we all know that peer pressure can lead us to make choices that are not positive.  God's grace that He extends toward each of us is amazing and an example of the grace and forgiveness that we can extend to others and even ourselves.  Cami and Gavin demonstrate this; although it is not all smooth going, but this is real life.  I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to reading more from this author!

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To celebrate her tour, Elaine is giving away
Grand Prize: Winner’s choice between print (US only) or Kindle of Christmas Love Year Round, Kindle of And You Came Along (companion novel to Christmas Love Year Round), and a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card
1st and 2nd Prizes: a Kindle edition of Christmas Love Year Round!!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

featured recipe from a brand-new "Eat Like a Gilmore" cookbook!

I was so excited to have the chance to try out one of the recipes from the brand-new cookbook - released TODAY - one of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore's favorites!

"Gilmore Girls" is one of my all-time favorite shows!  I just love the small town of Stars Hallow, all of the festivals they have celebrating the seasons, various quirky events they think up, and the people and their friendships.  However, I cannot leave out the food on this show!  Each episode not only consists of Lorelai and Rory drinking coffee (lots and lots of coffee), but also eating food, a lot of food, a big variety of food!  Luke's Diner is one of my favorite things about the show, and of course you can go there for coffee and doughnuts, or burgers and fries.  Then there is Sookie's kitchen at the Inn which always looks amazing and if I could go through the screen I know it would smell amazing as well.  And I cannot forget about Al's Pancake World with his international grab bag nights and the variety of cuisines he serves there and the Friday night dinners at the Gilmore home with the grandparents.

This is a second volume of recipes as the first "Eat Like a Gilmore" was released 2 years ago and now Kristi Carlson is back with 100 new recipes in this new book!

I was able to try the Sweet and Sour Pork recipe.  Let me tell you, it smelled amazing while it was cooking!  This could have been similar to what was eaten from Al's Pancake World or at the mall food court while Lorelai and Rory were there window shopping, saw Emily and spent time shopping and then introducing her to the many wonders of the food court!

When I first looked at the recipe, I saw a list of ingredients, lots of ingredients as there is the pork, the sauce, the veggies, the rice and therefore thought it would be a lot of steps and time consuming.  However, I was wrong! This recipe is very straightforward and easy to follow.

The first step is preparing the pork, cutting it, putting it in a homemade marinade, dipping it in cornstarch and frying it.

 The frying part was super easy as well, I haven't really done much cooking at all like that, but it was clear in the directions, and I had no problems!

Next was making the sauce on the stove, that smelled absolutely amazing while it was cooking!  Then was cutting up the veggies and sauteing them on the stove, once again, clear directions and smelled yummy!  Once the sauce and veggies had cooked, the pork was mixed into the sauce and then that mixed into the veggies.  I could have eaten that alone -  (which I did try a few bites here and there at each step!) But to round out the meal, this mixture is to be served over rice. 


This was such a great recipe!  Easy, clear directions, not all that time consuming, delicious AND can be made in your own home, so you know exactly what ingredients are in your meal and you can be all comfy watching Gilmore Girls, sharing the meal with them!

This is only 1 of the all new 100 recipes included in this book!  I am excited to try out so many more of them, and I love the blurb that is included with each recipe talking about what episode the food is in and a little bit about what is going on at the time.
And it can be purchased TODAY!!! You can find it  here on Amazon!

Enjoy eating like a Gilmore Girl!

"The Storm-Tossed Family"

Image result for the storm tossed family

"The Storm-Tossed Family: how the cross reshapes the home," written by Russell Moore discusses the power of family, no matter what each of our family consists of, what family is to us, it plays a role, and it can be mainly positive or mainly negative, either way it is a large, lasting impact. 
Russell begins this book with a discussion of his favorite holiday, and he states that it is not something that people would think or that he is necessarily proud to share, but it stems from the lack of drama that goes along with it.  Think about it, Christmas and Thanksgiving are amazing holidays, for what they represent.  However, they are holidays that are heavy on family time, family dinners and get togethers and along with that comes tension and stress, issues that have not been addressed and build up over the year and stress of making the time together "perfect" or at least presenting as if you have it all together.  Russell then goes on to discuss all aspects of family and the cross is the focus, is the lead, is the thing behind each family and focusing on the cross will lead us Home.  Each chapter discusses various aspects of a family, or of a family's belief system in regards to the topic, but ultimately it comes back to Christ being the focus, being the head of the family and the family's values are not what is the be all, end all, it is Christ's words, His leading.  This is a thought-provoking book that will leave you thinking about your family, the one you were raised in, the one you are currently a part of and the influences and what shapes your family and your view and way of thinking about family. 

*Thanks to the B&H/Lifeway Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*