Thursday, October 20, 2016

Healthy & Healing Recipes

I was excited to open the box and see that this book had arrived!  This is so much more than a cookbook as it begins with a discussion of whole foods and the importance and benefits of eating these types of recipes.  There is also a discussion of gluten and other food sensitivities and why there seems to be so many more allergies and food sensitivities now.  There is also a section about eating to heal and how foods can help with sensitivities and improving digestive health.  Then it dives into the recipes!  There is a section for smoothies, which I am a personal fan of!  I was began having GI issues a few years ago and had to change my diet and my doctor recommended green smoothies and I have been a fan since!  I love the tips for introducing smoothies to kids that are included as well.  There are sections of breakfast recipes, muffins, main meals, soups and stews, salads, wraps, snacks, pretty much every type of food.  There is such a wide variety of foods included in this book and they are all healthy and "healing" foods that will good for people to enjoy.  There is also a little blurb included for each recipe discussing the flavor, tips for making the recipe and personal reflections on it.  Pictures of some of the recipes are included throughout the book as well adding color and something for kids to look through and pick out some things to create and enjoy together. 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Teaser for Debbie Mason's new "Mistletoe Cottage" and a chance to win!

Sophie scanned the bar for Liam. The tables on either side of the room were all taken, wooden barrels serving as chairs. Servers carried trays over their heads, weaving through the people crowded on the dance floor. Drinking beer and talking, they waited for the band tuning up on the raised stage. When she was younger, Sophie had snuck into the bar a couple times to hear Liam and his brothers’ band. The owner had always spotted her and thrown her out for being underage.
“Get up there, Gallagher,” several people called out. 
Sophie heard a familiar, deep laugh and went up on her tiptoes, following it to a table a few feet to the right of the stage where Liam sat. Sophie was about to turn to Ava and Dana and point him out when she felt herself being maneuvered through the crowd toward the stage.  “You have got to be kidding me,” she yelled to be heard over the crowd. “You set me up!”
  “You were always trying to sneak in here to hear him sing. Now’s your chance.” Ava shrugged.
“You know what they say about payback, right?” But she wasn’t thinking about payback when Liam got up on the stage and accepted a guitar from a bearded man. She heard Dana and Ava talking behind her, and then they were tugging on the sleeves of Sophie’s coat. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“You’re looking a little warm,” Dana said.
Sophie sighed. Dana was right. She let them take off her coat. But then the band started to play and Sophie only had eyes for the man at center stage. He was looking right at her with a smile on his face. A smile she’d always dreamed would one day be directed at her. Sexy, hot, and filled with promises. Just like his voice when he started singing “Galway Girl,” only he changed black hair to brown, blue eyes to brown, and Galway girl to Gallagher girl.
Dana leaned into her when he came down off the stage. “It’s like that scene in P.S. I Love You.”
Sophie couldn’t respond even if she wanted to. Liam was in front of her, singing to her while the crowd sang along and clapped, stomping their feet in time to the music. Liam was a born performer. He played to the crowd, his voice deep and raspy. He circled her, moving closer each time. Then, just as the song ended, he cupped the back of her head and kissed her long and hard before saying to her in a thick Irish brogue, “Are you going to take me back to your room, my Gallagher girl?”


Author: Debbie Mason
Series: Harmony Harbor, #1
On Sale: October 25, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Mass Market: $5.99 USD
eBook: $5.99 USD
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The first novel in a brand new series from USA Today bestselling author Debbie Mason! The series will appeal to fans of feel-good romances by New York Times bestselling authors Brenda Novak, Robyn Carr, and RaeAnne Thayne.

'Tis the season for love…

Sophie DiRossi loved growing up in Harmony Harbor. But after fleeing in disgrace many years ago, it is the last place she wants to be. Left homeless by a fire, she's forced to go back to the small coastal town that harbors a million secrets, including her own. Sophie sees this secret reflected every day in her daughter's blue eyes—and she must keep it hidden from the only man she has ever loved.

Sophie's return is a shock for everyone…especially Liam Gallagher. The firefighter had some serious feelings for Sophie-and seeing her again sparks a desire so fierce it takes his breath away. Now Liam will do whatever it takes to show Sophie that they deserve a second chance at love, even if everything they've concealed threatens to keep them apart. In this special town at this special time of the year, Sophie and Liam can only hope for a little holiday magic...


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Debbie Mason is the USA Today bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their four wonderful children, an adorable grandbaby, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.



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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Christmas Love Letter from God"

Book Description from the publisher:"

Written for children ages four to eight, Christmas Love Letters from God cleverly combines both prose and poetry as the story of Jesus’ birth unfolds. The book includes seven stories, beginning with Isaiah’s prophecy and ending with the visit of the wise men. Following each story, the child will find his or her own letter from God, folded into a small envelope attached to the page. Each letter begins with a space in which to write the child’s name, so each one can be specially addressed to the child.
Written as if God is speaking, each personalized message gives the young reader a sense of wonder as they discover anew the Christmas holiday and the birth of Jesus. A very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Perfect Promise, also accompanies each story and letter as God’s personal words of love, promise, and hope.

My Review:
"Christmas Love Letters from God" is such a beautiful keepsake to share with your children during Christmas.  This is written by Glenys Nellist and illustrated by Rachel Clowes and both have done an incredible job as it is written in a way that is catchy and will draw the reader right into the story.  The illustrations are gorgeous and filled with detail.  Along with each part of the story there is a flap/an envelope to be opened containing a short letter to be shared with the child asking questions, reflecting on the lesson and expressing God's love for the child.  This is an interactive book that will create conversations with your children and create memories that will last forever with them. 

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"The Angel of Forest Hill"

Cindy Woodsmall has written many Amish novels and if you enjoy Amish stories and/or Christmas stories, her latest is not to be missed!  "The Angel of Forest Hill" is such a sweet story that will put you in the Christmas spirit!  Rose is from a big family and she is sent to help out in a nearby town as a man's wife has passed away leaving her children motherless and her husband wifeless.  Rose is hoping for a fresh start and a happier life; however it does not go quite as planned as it seems that this marriage of convenience is just that, a marriage of work, but not love.  Will Rose live her life full of heartache?
This is a quick, sweet read that will filled your heart with joy and prepare you for the upcoming Christmas season. 

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Have you thought about what the various names of God reveal about His character?

Book info
About the book:

Experiencing God Through His Names (Bold Vision Books, June 2016)
What's in a name?
Names are more than groups of letters that represent a person or identify objects. Names are powerful. A person's character and destiny can be influenced by his or her name. God's attributes and personality support His unique and distinct names. If we comprehend the meanings of His titles, we can know God more intimately. In Experiencing God Through His Names, Sheryl Giesbrecht walks with you on an exciting journey to discover and absorb the truth about God's character. In the next 31 days, God wants you to get to know Him. Are you ready?

Purchase a copy:
About the author:

Sheryl Giesbrecht
has written three books, hundreds of articles, blogs, and columns. A nationally syndicated radio host, Sheryl is a sought after inspirational speaker who facilitates leadership training for thousands internationally.

My Review:
I really enjoyed Sheryl's devotional book discussing the names of God.  This book is set up perfectly to utilize as your devotional for a month with 31 days as there are 31 chapters in this book, each chapter focusing on a different name that is used to refer to God. The very first chapter and term discussed is "Father," which is a common term used for God and also in our lives to discuss our physical father here on Earth.  I loved the parallels that Sheryl makes.  This chapter is really a great way to start out this book to then move into chapters about lesser known names used.  Each chapter is only a couple of pages; therefore it can be read quickly, but yet it is filled with so much and truths to reflect on.  I highly recommend this if you are looking for a new devotional book to study and gain a deeper understanding of God. 

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"The Candidate"

The Candidate: A Newsmaker Novel
By Lis Wiehl
Published by Thomas Nelson
My Review:
I am a huge fan of all of Lis' books and "The Candidate" is not in any way a disappointment!  This is an intense read and even more so given the fact that we are in the midst of a presidential election race.  Erica Sparks is a top-rated cable news host and she was in the midst of drama and also death in "The Newsmakers" and once again she senses something is off and she finds herself and her family in danger.  Erica is a fantastic main character as she is dealing with things from her past, and yet trying to move forward with her life and make herself a better person, which is something that so many of us are striving to do.  Erica is faced with challenges, although hopefully they are more extreme than what we face, but she is still a strong person with the strength and determination that is admirable.  I cannot wait to see what Lis writes next.  Read on in this post for more details about this book, learn about Lis and the previous book about Erica Sparks, and then run and get your own copy to read and enjoy!
How far will a candidate go to become president? Erica Sparks—America’s top-rated cable-news host—is about to find out.
Mike Ortiz is a dynamic war hero favored to win the White House. Standing by his side is his glamorous and adoring wife, Celeste. But something about this seemingly perfect couple troubles Erica. Is Celeste really who she seems? And most importantly, what really happened in that squalid Al-Qaeda prison where Mike Ortiz spent nine months?
But more than the nation’s future is at stake. Erica’s relentless search for the truth puts the life of her preteen daughter Jenny in danger, even as Erica’s own dark past threatens to overtake her. 
In her latest Newsmakers thriller, New York Times bestselling author and Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl weaves a taut and chilling story. The Candidate is packed with political intrigue and media manipulation as the lust for power turns deadly indeed.
Author Bio:
Lis Wiehl is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen novels. She is a Harvard Law School graduate and has served as a federal prosecutor in the state of Washington and as a tenured faculty member at The University Washington School of Law. She is currently a popular legal analyst and commentator for the Fox News Channel.
For more information visit her Website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.
Praise for the original The Newsmakers:
'This book is distinctive, with a terrific plot and an imperfect main character who is spellbinding. Kudos to Lis Wiehl for imaginative, yet absolutely believable in this ‘me’ world, great writing. Wiehl has distanced herself from the pack with this one.” (Suspense Magazine)
“The Newsmakers is sure to grip readers and open their eyes to the intense field that is journalism.” (CBA Retailers + Resources)
'Fox News' legal analyst Lis Wiehl puts her experience to splendid use in 'The Newsmakers,' a tale that masterfully takes her quasi-alter ego, Erica Sparks, across the line from reporter to subject after she saves the life of a presidential candidate during an interview. This in the wake of her covering a Staten Island ferry disaster that may or may not have been an accident. The fun lies in watching Sparks pursue the nagging feeling that these two events may be somehow connected, uncovering a conspiracy of 'Seven Days in May' proportions at the expense of hers and her daughter’s safety. In that respect, the thus ironically titled 'The Newsmakers' harks to the best of Robert Ludlum’s paranoid tales of shadow governments and secret cabals, as well as classic political thrillers like 'The Parallax View' or 'Three Days of the Condor.' That’s a high bar to set, but Wiehl is more than up to the task in crafting a superb page-turner as provocative as it is scary. (Providence Journal)
“Wiehl’s insider knowledge of the television news industry gives this novel credibility and excitement beyond the everyday tale.” (RT Book Reviews)
“As for Lis Wiehl’s newest story, The Newsmakers, the mystery is physiologically and gripping at the same time. Wiehl ends the story in a cliff-hanger, begging for the next book to hurry up and be released.” (Book Talk at Fiction 411)
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Friday, September 30, 2016

"When Love Arrives"

Book Description from the publisher:

Dani had planned to spy on Brett--so how did she end up on a date with him?

Dani Prescott can't believe the lie Brett Somers is trying to sell to the media. During an interview about the plane crash that killed his parents, he blamed Dani's mother. But the crash killed her as well. Vowing to restore her mother's reputation, Dani has been following Brett and taking photos, hoping to find something she can use to discredit him. But when she catches his eye instead, she quickly finds herself agreeing to a date. Brett knows this mystery girl is hiding something--but he's got his own secrets to keep. What will happen when he discovers who she really is?

My Review:
Johnnie Alexander has become one of my must-read authors!  I loved book #1 in this series and I loved "When Loves Arrives" just as much or more!  Dani is set on getting revenge, but didn't count on her heart becoming involved in other ways as well.  Brett is struggling to get over past hurt and is trying to make changes in his life.  Both Dani and Brett are keeping secrets and they might be too big for them to overcome or not.  This book is impossible to put down once you start reading!  The characters are so real and the story is full of romance, heart, and heartache making it a rollercoaster read that keeps you turning page after page.  The storyline flows so nicely and I cannot wait to read what Johnnie writes next!

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