Thursday, September 29, 2016

"This Road We Traveled"

 Book Description from the publisher:

 Tabitha Brown refuses to be left behind in Missouri when her son makes the decision to strike out for Oregon--even if she has to hire her own wagon to join the party. After all, family ties are stronger than fear.

Along with her reluctant daughter and her ever-hopeful granddaughter, the intrepid Tabitha has her misgivings. The trials they face along the way will severely test her faith, courage, and ability to hope. With her family's survival on the line, she must make the ultimate sacrifice, plunging deeper into the wilderness to seek aid. What she couldn't know was how this frightening journey would impact how she understood her own life--and the greater part she had to play in history.

With her signature attention to detail and epic style, New York Times bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick invites you to travel the deadly and enticing Oregon Trail. Based on actual events, This Road We Traveled inspires the pioneer in all of us.

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book!  Jane Kirkpatrick does an incredible job with bringing this historical time period and significant journey to life.  Tabitha makes such a great main character as she is such a strong woman, yet that does not mean that she is fearless and without her misgivings.  Tabitha has her moments of questioning God and at times struggles with the fact that God can be leading her on this journey with so many trials and hardships, which is not unlike any of us today as we all have our moments of questioning God's plan especially in the midst of pain and suffering.  This is a great read of anyone who enjoys history and having it brought to life in such vivid descriptions and characters whom can be empathized with. 

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"All is Bright"

Cover: All Is Bright"All is Bright" is a great resource for the whole family leading up to and celebrating the Christmas season!  Beginning December 1st and going through December 31st there is a devotional page and a coordinating black and white coloring page for each day.  Some of the coloring pages are very intricate designs while others have room to write in amongst the drawing.  The second part of the book is filled with activities geared for the entire family to help instill the Biblical truths and values that are usually highlighted during this time of year.  There are also coloring pages more suited toward children with bigger designs with less intricate details. 
I am so excited to begin using this with my children beginning December 1st and create this new tradition with them to celebrate the Christmas season and the birth of Jesus..

To learn more about this coloring devotional book, go here!

Also, there are some incredible resources available that I highly recommend you check out!:

·         Tyndale’s Inspire Creativity board on Pinterest has downloadable samplers and sharable coloring pages from our coloring and Bible journaling line, the Living Expressions Collection!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"The Raven"

Mike Nappa brings back Private Investigators Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill in his second Coffey & Hill novel, "The Raven" and if you thought book #1, "Annabel Lee," was difficult to put down then you are going to love "The Raven!"  I love how Mike begins this novel with a few pages in the "now" and then he takes you back to 4 weeks earlier.  My interest was piqued on the very first page and then I was left hanging and then taken back to weeks earlier to hear about the story from the beginning and bits and pieces were shared completely drawing me into the suspense and drama. 
Samuel and Trudi have a tumultuous relationship, and yet they make such great partners and have each other's backs (I would seriously want both of them on my side in any kind of issue!).  I highly recommend you read book #1 if you haven't as you will get the background on this couple and their saga continues in this book.  The Raven is another fascinating characters and my heart aches for him, a kid living this life.  I completely enjoyed the suspense, the twist and turns, the characters and the vivid descriptions that are all woven together to make such a fascinating read. 
I highly recommend this book for fans of suspense!

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"The Christmas Angel Project"

"The Christmas Angel Project" is this year's Christmas novella from Melody Carlson and it is another excellent book just like her previous ones!  Four women, with their own lives and struggles and joys, all share something, they are a part of a book club, however their leader just passed away.  Thinking this is the end of their group they are surprised when they each receive a heartfelt and personal gift.  This gift is so much more than a gift as it leads them to becoming Christmas Angels for others.

This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story, I could not put it down once I started reading and this is a story that will stay with me for such a long time I'm sure.  Melody has created such wonderful characters, and a story with an inspiring message that is sure to touch all readers' hearts.

I highly recommend this book to everyone to jump off the upcoming Christmas season.  This will put everyone in the Christmas spirit and encourage everyone to really live out the true meaning of the season. 

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Learn how to live a fruitful life in Christ-with a fairy tale and ten Bible verses!

Book info
About the book:

Jesus and the Beanstalk: Overcoming Your Giants and Living a Fruitful Life (Abingdon Press, September 2016)
What if a fairy tale and ten Bible verses could free you to live an effective, fruitful life in Christ?
We live in unsettling, challenging times. Everywhere we look, we see giant problems: giant obstacles to sharing faith, giant barriers to peaceful lives, giant strongholds of fear. But what if you knew eight small secrets to unlocking a strength big enough to overcome whatever obstacle life may bring?
Using allegory and a bit of humor, Jesus and the Beanstalk explores a passage in 2 Peter 1 to uncover eight truths that will help you unleash a larger-than-life faith:
-Affection for others
In this creative, refreshing perspective on spiritual growth, you will discover an unyielding strength when you tap the power of a God who is stronger than any beanstalk and bigger than your biggest giants.

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About the author:

Lori Stanley Roeleveld
is the author of Running from a Crazy Man (and other adventures traveling with Jesus) and Red Pen Redemption. Her blog,, was voted Top 100 Christian Blogs by and has enjoyed over 1.5 million views. Lori lives in Hope Valley, RI.

My Review:
This was just a great read!  I honestly was not sure what to think about this book when I first heard the title, "Jesus and the Beanstalk."  However, once I received the book and began reading, I was completely hooked and found the book to be incredible!  Lori discusses and draws parallels from a well-known fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk, to our own lives and ties it in with Biblical truths from the book of 2 Peter.  Each of us has giants in our lives, giants of different kinds, but giants just the same that need to be confronted and defeated.  There are 8 truths or characteristics that can help each of us with defeating these giants in our lives.  Each of these truths is discussed in depth as far as the Biblical aspect and how God gives these to us, but also how the Jack and the Beanstalk story can be tied in with it helping to further get the point across.  I have to say I see that story in a whole new way now! My favorite features of this book is how the chapters are ended with a "small steps toward slaying giants" section and also a "one stone for your sling" inspiring quote.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"The Cautious Maiden"

"The Cautious Maiden" is the 4th historical romance novel in Dawn Crandall's The Everstone Chronicles series and it is a must-read for fans of this genre!

Description: In this historical romance set in nineteenth century New England, Violet Hawthorne is forced into an engagement with a taciturn acquaintance - Vance Everstone - in order to salvage her good name.  However, with danger stalking her and tis new fiancĂ© who hides both his emotion and his past, Violet must decide who to trust - and who to leave behind. 

My Review:
I absolutely loved this book (and this entire series!) and was eager to finish to find out what happens, but then I was sad to be done with no more to read!  Violet is devastated when her brother shows up with a new friend and they do something horrifying and it is clear that her brother is not going to protect her.  This is just the beginning for Violet of romance, danger, stalkers, and the high society life.  Violet's name and life is surrounded by scandal and Vance aims to remedy that by proposing marriage and Violet is taken back that this family will accept her and her sullied name.  Before the wedding can take place, Rowan is determined to cash in on his win, his win being Violet.  Violet is forced to decide who to trust, who has her best interests at heart and the path she really wants her life to take.  Violet is such a great main character and one whom I found myself empathizing with throughout the entire book.  Dawn does an incredible job with character development, creating vivid scenes and mixing suspense and romance. 

To connect with Dawn:
Twitter @dawnwritesfirst

Dawn's previous novels in this series are "The Hesitant Heiress," "The Bound Heart," and "The Captive Imposter."

Friday, September 23, 2016

"One Small Donkey"

Book Description from the publisher:

Little ones can do big things for God!
Your family will love this heartwarming Christmas story told from an unlikely perspective: a donkey carrying Mary to Bethlehem. Though the donkey wasn’t the biggest, fastest, or strongest of all the animals, he had an important job all the same. Adults and children alike will love the message about how God has big plans for little ones.
Dandi Daley Mackall loves God, children, words, and animals. Her nearly 500 books for children and grown-ups have sold more than four million copies worldwide, and her awards include an ECPA Christian Book Award for Best Children’s Book. Dandi writes from rural Ohio, where she lives with her family, including horses, dogs, cats, and an occasional squirrel, deer, or raccoon.

My Review:
"One Small Donkey" is such an adorable story with a great message for kids (and adults!) of all ages.  The little donkey is small and not as fast as he wants to be, but he has such an important responsibility as he is transporting Mary whom is great with child to Bethlehem and then is there for the birth of Jesus.  This is such a nice hardcover edition with vibrant illustrations and rhyming test which is so catchy and will hold even a young child's attention.  This is a story that is sure to become a beloved Christmas story each year. 

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