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New from Quilts of Love | A Stitch in Crime Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Stitch in Crime Cathy Elliott
Don’t miss the newest Quilts of Love book, A Stitch in Crime by Cathy Elliott. Thea's first quilt show begins to fall apart at the seams. Will she be able to piece the mystery together and save the town’s investment in the quilt show before another attack happens . . . with far worse results.
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  • Swept Away by Laura V. Hilton and Cindy Loven

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Book Info
About Quilts of Love: Quilts tell stories of love and loss, hope and faith, tradition and new beginnings. The Quilts of Love series focuses on the women who quilted all of these things into their family histories. A new book releases each month and features contemporary and historical romances as well as women's fiction and the occasional light mystery. You will be drawn into the endearing characters of this series and be touched by their stories.

About the book: 

Thea's first quilt show is coming apart at the seams!
Thea James has accepted an assignment as co-chairperson for Larkindale's first quilt show extravaganza. Juggling the new assignment with running her antique business, she's already feeling frayed when things start to unravel.
Mary-Alice Wentworth, a much-loved town matriarch, respected quilt judge, and Thea's dear friend, is covertly conked on the head during the kick-off Quilt Show Soiree, throwing suspicion on her guests. It also appears that a valuable diamond brooch has been stolen during the attack. The family is furious. But is it because of their mugged mother or the missing diamonds?
When a renowned textile expert goes MIA and the famous Wentworth heritage quilt disappears, Larkindale's reputation as a tourist haven is at risk. Thea attempts to piece the mystery together and save the town's investment in the quilt show before Mary-Alice is attacked again . . . with far worse results.

Learn more about this book and the series at the Quilts of Love website.

About the Author: 

Author and speaker Cathy Elliot nourishes her night-owl habit by creating cozy mysteries and more on her trusty laptop in Anderson, California. Like the protagonist in her new mystery, Cathy is an avid quilter. Besides collecting (too much) cool fabric, she also enjoys hunting for antique treasures.

Connect with Cathy online: website, Facebook

My Review:
I enjoyed Cathy's Quilts of Love novel, "A Stitch in Crime."  This story is filled with mishap after mishap and keeps the reader guessing to the end as to who is behind the attacks and incidents that cause Thea's events to not turn out as planned.  Thea is an interesting main character, she has a fascinating job and has also taken on the task of co-chairing  this first quilt show extravaganza for her town, which has many smaller events leading up to the big ones.  However, to Thea it feels as if she is doing it all on her own as her co-chair seems to be MIA a lot of the time and also to add to this stress she has to deal with old "friends" and their not so helpful advice and assistance as well.  At times I felt distracted from the story and sidetracked by Thea's thoughts and there seemed to be this additional storyline going on that did not always flow too well with the main storyline.  However, this did allow for me to really feel like I knew Thea and made her so much more real as well.  I recommend this book and the others in this series as well for anyone who quilts or has interest in them; you will most definitely enjoy this series!

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New from Elizabeth Camden | ‘Beyond All Dreams’ Kindle Fire Giveaway and Author Chat Party

Beyond All Dreams Elizabeth Camden
Travel back in time to the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress in Elizabeth Camden's newest release, Beyond All Dreams. From the gilded halls of the Capitol where powerful men shape the future of the nation, to the scholarly archives of the nation's finest library, Anna and Luke are soon embroiled in secrets much bigger and more perilous than they ever imagined. Is bringing the truth to light worth risking all they've ever dreamed for their futures?

Elizabeth is celebrating the release of Beyond All Dreams with a Kindle giveaway and Facebook party on February 17.
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Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on 2/17. Winner will be announced at Elizabeth's 2/17 Beyond All Dreams Facebook author chat party. RSVP for a chance to connect with Elizabeth and historical fiction fans, as well as for the opportunity to win some great prizes!

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About the book:
Is bringing the truth to light worth risking all they've ever dreamed for their futures?

Anna O'Brien leads a predictable and quiet life as a map librarian at the illustrious Library of Congress until she stumbles across the baffling mystery of a ship disappeared at sea. Thwarted in her attempts to uncover information, her determination outweighs her shyness and she turns to a dashing congressman for help.

Luke Callahan was one of the nation's most powerful congressmen before his promising career was shadowed in scandal. Eager to share in a new cause and intrigued by the winsome librarian, he joins forces with Anna to solve the mystery of the lost ship. Opposites in every way, Anna and Luke are unexpectedly drawn to each other despite the strict rules forbidding Anna from any romantic entanglements with members of Congress.

From the gilded halls of the Capitol where powerful men shape the future of the nation, to the scholarly archives of the nation's finest library, Anna and Luke are soon embroiled in secrets much bigger and more perilous than they ever imagined. Is bringing the truth to light worth risking all they've ever dreamed for their futures?

Purchase a copy:

About the author: Elizabeth Camden is the author of six books and a RITA and Christy Award winner. With a master's in history and a master's in library science, she is a research librarian by day and scribbles away on her next novel by night. Elizabeth lives with her husband in Florida.

Find Elizabeth online: website, Facebook

My Review:
I absolutely love this latest book from Elizabeth Camden, "Beyond All Dreams" is my favorite novel by her!  First of all, the cover is gorgeous; now I know you should never judge a book by it's cover, but I also love great covers and they definitely draw me to the book.  However, the back cover of this book also drew me to it as well as it is a great description and teaser for the story that I had to start reading as soon as I received this book in the mail!  Anna works as a librarian in the Library of Congress (seriously how awesome is that!), and that paired with the time period and a handsome congressman, who wouldn't be drawn to this book?!  This was such an enjoyable read to me as the storyline was so fascinating with the mystery woven throughout the romance against a great backdrop.  Elizabeth writes with such detail that I felt as if I were a part of the story.  If you enjoy historical fiction, then this is a book to read and also Elizabeth Camden is an author that cannot be missed as she is one of the top five historical fiction authors in my opinion. 

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Book Review - "At Home In Last Chance"

I have so enjoyed Cathleen Armstrong's A Place to Call Home series!  If you have not read the first two in this series, read them before starting her latest "At Home In Last Chance!"  This one can be read as a stand-alone novel, but really you will appreciate it and love it even more if you have read the previous novels in the series.  I was so happy that Kaitlyn got her own book.  Kaitlyn was a frustrating character for me in the last novel as she made some choices that I hated, but yet I also felt bad for her and wanted her to hopefully realize what she was doing and be given the chance to "redeem herself."  I love how easy it is to get back into this series even though it has been months since I was last in Last Chance; Cathleen does an amazing job with drawing the reader right back into this town and into the characters' lives once again.  The diner has been such an important place in each of the three novels and helping the characters to really find their footing and their home and I love this!  I highly recommend this book and series if you enjoy a feel-good read and honestly who doesn't?! 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

"A Good Food Day"

"A Good Food Day" by Marco Canora with Tammy Walker, with a Foreword by Tim Ferriss is an excellent choice for a cookbook to buy if you are looking for one on good, clean eating.  What I love about this book is that it shares tips and recipes for those just starting out.  For example, quinoa has been becoming increasingly popular; however this is not something that everyone is familiar with so there is information included on the basics of this and cooking it in general.  There is also a section that has 10 principles for a good food day and also another on pantry staples; I found these two sections to be great additions to this cookbook as they are so useful.  Then of course the recipes - there is a nice variety of recipes included in this book and the illustrations going along with them just make me want to cook!  I highly recommend this cookbook to help you get on track with healthy eating and to have a good food day everyday!

For more information on this book, go HERE!

*"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Book Review - "Romancing Your Better Half"

The latest book from Rick Johnson focuses on strengthening marriage and keeping intimacy alive at all levels within a couple.  Rick begins with a section on marriage in general, then moves into specific areas, such as love, intimacy, sexuality and his and her needs.  This book is very straight-forward and easy to get into and read.  I love the use of bulleted lists and charts throughout the chapters as well as the tips that Rick ends the chapters with. 

This book has received advance praise from others in the field:

"I loved this book. It's practical, insightful, and most importantly, motivating to draw closer to our spouses. Rick is a wonderful writer who inspires."--Jim Burns, PhD, president, HomeWord, author of Creating an Intimate Marriage, Closer, and Getting Ready for Marriage

"Full of not just wise advice but ultra-practical steps for how to ensure your marriage continues to be something that you will enjoy and treasure for a lifetime."--Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and bestselling author of For Women Only, For Men Only, and The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

"Romancing Your Better Half is going to reignite and, very likely, rescue thousands of marriages. It's brilliant! Suddenly the secrets to romance and intimacy aren't secret anymore."--Jay Payleitner, producer, speaker, and bestselling author of 52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives

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Book Review - "Hidden Agenda"

"Hidden Agenda" is book 3 in Lisa Harris' Southern Crimes series and this is such an exciting continuation of the series!  Michael has been presumed dead; however he has been working undercover and now his cover has been blown. Michael finds himself running from more than one person and threat.  Corruption and evil and secrets abound in this story and people and relationships weave together creating a tangled web.  This is a fast-paced read that is full of suspense and also sweet romance as well.  I enjoyed this story and getting to spend time with some of these characters once again.  This is a story that you will not want to stop reading once you start as it is THAT good!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Book Review - "Emissary"

Cover Art

About the book from the publisher:

With his twenty-first birthday, Hyam begins a journey that will lead him to his destiny--or his doom.
Hyam has always shown a remarkable ability to master languages, even those left unspoken for a thousand years. But now the shadow of suspicion that was cast upon him as a child prodigy at Long Hall is lengthening, and he must keep his identity hidden--or face annihilation.

As Hyam's mother slips toward death, she implores him to return to Long Hall before he settles down to farm his land. This journey born from duty becomes an impassioned quest for the truth. War is coming swiftly, and Hyam must rely upon his newfound powers and the friends he meets along the way in order to unravel the puzzling past and ensure that he--and the realm--will have a future.

In a world where magic has been outlawed for centuries, one young man discovers that he possesses powers beyond his wildest dreams.

But he does not realize how pivotal this gift will be in the days to come.

Except for the healing arts, magicking is a punishable offense in the realm. The only places it is still practiced are the Long Halls scattered throughout the land--isolated haunts of wizards called mages and their long-suffering students.

But hidden rivers of power course deep beneath the earth, and not everyone has obeyed the edict banning magic. Vixens lie in wait on the Galwyn road. A mysterious race of telepaths comes and goes invisibly. It is even rumored that Elves still hide among the wizened trees. And somewhere beyond the badlands, a growing menace threatens the hard-won peace of the realm.

This young man could stem the ominous tide . . . but only by turning away from everyone and everything he has ever known. And facing dangers he cannot fathom.

Thomas Locke is a pseudonym for Davis Bunn, the award-winning novelist with total worldwide sales of seven million copies. His work has been published in twenty languages, and critical acclaim includes four Christy Awards for excellence in fiction. He divides his time between Oxford and Florida and holds a lifelong passion for speculative stories. Davis's screenplay adaptation of Emissary is currently under development as a feature film with a British production company. Learn more at

My Review:
I enjoyed "Emissary," and it transported me to another world, a fantasy world filled with kings, elves, magic and good vs. evil.  I found this to be an exciting story and journey to join Hyam on.  I only recently have gotten into this genre and I have to say this may very well be my favorite book of this kind so far!  It is written in a style that is so easy to read and follow although it is not my typical genre.  I highly encourage readers to step out of their comfort zone as far as what they read and try this, I doubt you will be disappointed.  I am looking forward to book 2 in the series!

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Program for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*