Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review - "The Noticer"

How often do we really think about how we impact others around us? Just a word, action, look, kind gesture to show we care can make a world a difference in another person’s life. Jones, the main character in Andy Andrews’ book “The Noticer” teaches the reader to take a moment and really observe and notice things around us. This book in the most uplifting book that I have read in a long time. Do not think that you do not have time to read this; it is a quick read and really is a book that should not be passed over. I sat down to read the first chapter and continued on until I was interrupted. Andrews pulls you into the story of Jones and his interactions with the people he meets. Jones provides people who are “down and out” and think they have no hope with some perspective and offers a glimpse of hope. It has made me think of Emerson Drive’s song, “Moments,” as there are times in life that we are feeling as if everything in our world is crashing down around us and there is no hope and then all it takes is that one person to provide a different perspective and offer a little glimmer of hope that helps us to get through that next moment. I really encourage each person to read this book, it is inspiring and can be life changing for you

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