Monday, January 25, 2010

DVD Review - "Antonio Meets His Match"

"Antonio Meets His Match" is the second dvd I have seen in Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends series. I put this on to watch with my 18 month old daughter and it held her attention for quite awhile! I would recommend this for young children up to age 8.
Antonio is the strongest and bravest ant in the garden. One day some kilt wearing foreign ants move into the garden and Antonio's first response is to have them leave. Antonio and the others in the garden begin a journey of learning the very important lesson of loving your neighbor as you love yourself. This may be easy if your neighbor is a nice person, however this is more difficult if the neighbor is annoying and mean. Antonio learns that no matter how annoying or mean his neighbor is, he needs to love his neighbor. This is all learned through a series of unusual competitions and situations that result in everyone learning the important lesson.
The "love your neighbor" concept is woven throughout the entire story. Anyone wanting to share this message with his or her child should watch this dvd.

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  1. I take care of two young girls during the day and I have already showed them one of the Hermie DVD's. I was disappointed at first that they didn't seem to get the story, or what it was talking about, but I thought it was great that they will actually sit through the whole thing! Usually they watch two minutes of a movie, and then they are done...

    Thanks for the review, I look forward to buying this for them.