Thursday, September 28, 2017

"All This Time"

"All This Time" is the conclusion to Melissa Tagg's Walker Family series and it is an amazing story, but one I was so sad to finish as I want to read more!  Raegan has always felt more for Bear than just friendship, and when he left a piece of heart went with him.  However, fear and a secret she has been hiding from everyone kept her from flying out of the country to see him.   Raegan has also been keeping another secret that is discovered when Bear returns back in town suddenly.   Bear and Raegan both have things from their past to work through, and family is at a root of this as well.  Raegan's family is so close-knit and Bear is yearning for a better family tie.  As Bear settles back into life in Maple Valley and adjusting to his new normal, the past comes closer than he had imagined and leads him to question what he has been holding onto and what he has allowed to hold him back. 

I absolutely loved this book and really this entire series!  I love how this story focused on Raegan and Bear (finally!), but the rest of the Walker family were all a part of it as well.  Both Raegan and Bear are dealing with a lot and Melissa does a great job with addressing these issues and working through them, even with some humorous moments sprinkled in.  The characters, the town, everything just comes so alive in Melissa's books that it is as if I am a part of the story and it is like saying goodbye to real friends at the end of the book.  I am looking forward to what Melissa will write next, maybe a new family and town to draw us all into?!"
All This Time (Walker Family Book 4) by [Tagg, Melissa]

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