Sunday, September 3, 2017

"So Close to Amazing"

Cover: So Close to Amazing

"So Close to Amazing" is an excellent read for women!  KariAnne Wood is honest, funny and just so real!  This name may sound familiar as KariAnne  writes the award-winning lifestyle blog  Thistlewood Farms.  I have to be honest she nor the blog were familiar to me, but I have checked it out and it is one I am going to faithfully follow!
Anyways, back to this book...first of all, look at it, I love it!  It has such a unique cover and it is a great hardcover edition that is just so pretty and so different.  Inside, the pages follow the same color scheme (love it!).  This book is divided into chapters, each chapter focusing on a different life lesson.  Each chapter KariAnne shares a personal story, many of which you will be able to relate to in some capacity I'm sure, as I was able to, a quote is highlighted and shared all nice and pretty on it's own page and there are DIY projects shared throughout as well.  Overall, this is a great collection of stories, inspiration and encouragement from KariAnne and some cute ideas of projects I now want to try! 

For more information about this book, go here!  And be sure to check out KariAnne's blog as well: here!

*Thanks to the Tyndale House Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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