Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"Your Teenager Is Not Crazy"

  Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of raising a teenager?  I know that I am at times, the years are flying by and my children are changing every year and growing up more and more each day.  "Your Teenager Is Not Crazy: understanding your teen's brain can make you a better parent" by Dr. Jeramy Clark & Jerusha Clark is a complete guide to understanding and connecting with your teenager. This is a book that I have just read and know that I will be rereading in about another five years.  I love the format of this book as each chapter addresses specific statements that we may hear and want to instantly contradict or brush off.  For example, there is a chapter titled, "You Don't Understand," another titled "I Hate My Life" and another"It's Not Like We're Getting Married."  Each chapter is then introduced with a story, an explanation by the author and then followed up by three sections: Bio 101, Psych 101, Faith 101.  Each of these sections addresses the statement from that aspect as there are so many changes and so many things going on with a teenager's body and brain that affect their thinking, processing and choices.  I love how the authors address each of these aspects as each person is truly a mixture of so many factors.  Each chapter concludes with a "Try It Today" section which really allows the reader to take what is read and use it in his or her own life.  I highly recommend this book to use as a resource for navigating through the teenage years and building and maintaining a connection and relationship with your teenage child. 

*Thanks to the Baker Books Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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