Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"A Fine Imitation"

"A Fine Imitation" is an amazing debut novel written by Amber Brock and after reading this book, I hope that Amber writes many, many more novels.  I was drawn to this book by the cover, it is absolutely stunning; I love the dress and I love the details of the city in the background.  The description also really intrigued me as I enjoyed reading "The Great Gatsby" in high school and this has a Gatsby vibe to it, but also a guilty pleasure of mine is the show "Gossip Girl," so high-society New York life intrigues me as well. 
Amber does a great job with transitioning back and forth between decades in Vera's life, her time in college and her life now.  Vera meets Bea in college and she is like no one else that she has ever known and she draws Vera out of her shell.  Fast forward 10 years and Vera is living the ideal life, at least according to outsiders looking in. However, Vera is lonely. 
This book is so well-written with details and Amber does a great job with bringing the time period to life along with the societal expectations of this time and the lifestyle of the wealthy.  This is an intriguing read as bits and pieces of Vera's life then and now are shared along with a little bit of mystery and intrigue.  I highly recommend this book and Amber Brock has become an author to watch!

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