Friday, January 4, 2019

"We Hope for Better Things"

Cover Art"We Hope for Better Things" is an excellent debut novel from Erin Bartels and she is going to be an author to follow!  Every generation in every time period struggles with highs and lows and always the wish is for a better live for those to follow after.  This book is a snapshot of this very sentiment.  Racism and political issues, among numerous other issues, are prominent in today's society, and have been issues in past time periods as well.  The reader meets Elizabeth, a journalist, who agrees to meet with an individual thinking she is getting a story.  However, she is unprepared for this meeting as she is given photographs that belong to an estranged relative.  Elizabeth finds herself on a journey to meet a relative and also investigating the riots that took place so many years ago, but their impact is still so strong.  As the story continues, the reader is introduced to more characters and taken on a journey from the Civil War, to the 1960's, to present day exploring the injustice and trials faced by these individuals. 

This book is very moving, and filled with historical detail from the various time periods.  At the same time, the theme of forgiveness is woven throughout out and the impact that choices have not only on ourselves, but on others.  This is a great novel and I am excited to see what Erin will write next!

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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