Monday, January 14, 2019

"Teal Paisley Tights"

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"Teal Paisley Tights," written by Barbara Brutt, is the start of hopefully many, many books from this author!  This was such a fun book to read and at the same time so relatable!  Jadyn is living life on her own following graduation and hoping to pursue her dreams and work in her chosen field, but things so not always go on plan, or ever that smoothly for anyone in all honesty.  Jadyn finds herself working for a demanding and shall we say a boring boss, seriously who doesn't love fun, patterned tights?!  This is not the job of her dreams as she is a true artist at heart, but she needs this job to pay her bills, and then wait she cannot pay all of her bills even with this job and has to move in with her sister.  As Jadyn struggles to figure out life, she finds herself in the midst of a love triangle as well adding romance to her life and even more decisions to make. 
This is such a great book, I can't say that enough!  The storyline flows so nicely and I was immediately hooked on the story on the very first page, I'm all about patterned tights and coffee!  Barbara has a talent for creating characters whom the reader can relate with and storylines that are just like real life. This is a great story of finding one's self, pursuing dreams and balancing out life's responsibilities and demands along with living your life. 

*Thanks to the JustRead Publicity Tour for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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