Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"Swimming in the Deep End"

"Swimming in the Deep End" is such a moving story of lives that intersect and the grace that can be shown to ourselves and each other and the power of that.
It is so easy to think that a choice, that one decision that we
made is only impacting ourselves and it not that big of a deal;
however every choice that is made has a consequence, whether
positive or negative for ourselves and for others around us.
This is shown through this book, as Jillian, Izzy, Margaret and
Stacey are all dealing with things in their personal lives and also
together as they are connected.  Jillian and Margaret are mothers
and they are facing heartache and struggling to come to terms
the loss of a child and beginning of a new life which was not
planned, but nevertheless a human being created by God.
Izzy is facing a pregnancy that was not wanted as she is only a 
teenager and she is facing the loss of her love.  Stacey has been
unable to conceive a child and longs for one of her own.
As these women face these trials and experience loss and hurt, I
found myself experiencing all these emotions right along with
them.  It was so easy to feel so connected to these characters
and become completely immersed in the story and in the
characters' lives.  Christina Suzann Nelson has done an
incredible job with creating well-developed characters whom
just come to live in the story and the storylines were so real
that it was as if this was real life and friends or neighbors whom
I would be interacting with in real life.  I highly recommend this
book as it is an emotional read that will have you crying with the characters, cheering for the characters and left feeling hopeful and knowing that God is here every step of the way.

*Thanks to the JustRead Publicity Tours for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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