Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Flights of Fancy"

First of all, Jen Turano's book covers are some of my most favorite ever, consistently they are amazing!  Second, her stories are amazing as well, consistently!

Isadora has lived a life of luxury and is a true heiress in New York.  However, the man pursuing her is much to be desired and a plan is cooked up to get her out of the city and away from him and this unfavorable match.  Isadora takes on the role of a housekeeper, far from her former life and of course results in humorous moments, moments of relying on God and really learning about one's self, not to mention the possibility of true love.
I absolutely loved this storyline and the main characters, Isadora and Ian.  They were both fun to watch as they interacted with each other and as feelings changed.  Jen has a true talent for creating likeable characters and really bringing them to life for the  reader.  The humor that is mixed into the storylines make the book so entertaining to read, and I was not ready for the book to be done once I finished it!  I highly recommend this book, it is one of Jen's very best!

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