Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"Spread too Thin"

"Spread too Thin: opting out of frantic living - opting in to lasting peace" is a book that everyone should read based upon what life is like in today's society.  We all have endless to-do lists and once we get out of bed in the morning to the time our heads hit the pillow at night it is go, go, go all day, balancing work, family members' individual activities, housework, cooking, appointments here and there.  This book is designed to be read and used over the course of 90 days.  I read through the readings, but did not complete the interaction sections for each day as I am going to go back and work through this day by day to get the full benefit out of the book.  However, already I find myself thinking and personally assessing my daily schedule to see changes I can make. 
I love the layout of this book as it is a quick reading for each day, followed by questions to think about and answer as to how this area applies and what can be identified as a hindrance and leading to the frantic living instead of a slower pace, more intentional way of living and being in the moment.  Each day ends with a prayer as well. 
I highly recommend this devotional book and cannot wait to see how my life really changes over the course of 90 days. 

Tyndale has shared a link for a sneak peak!  To read chapter 1, the first 7 days, click here!

*Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network for the complimentary copy of this book!*

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