Monday, March 5, 2018

a story of God's redemption and grace

Image result for if you only knew jamie iveyThis is such a vulnerable book that will grip your heart and make you long for God's healing power in your own life.  Jamie shares her heart, her story in her new book, "If You Only Knew: my unlikely, unavoidable story of becoming free."  Jamie, likes so many of us, has things in her life, in her past, that she is so ashamed of and thought that it would be life-shattering if anyone were to find out; however this is something that would constantly weigh down on her and not give her the feelings of freedom that she so longed for, that her soul needed.  Jamie writes in a way that is so readable, so relatable, that it was as if she was speaking out loud to me while I was reading, that we were chatting, having a conversation over mugs of coffee, just like old friends. 
Not only are the words in this book like a healing balm, but it is such a nice edition too as it is a textured hardcover book with soothing colors.  I highly recommend this for anyone wanting or feeling the need to do a little soul searching and healing. 

*Thanks to the BH Bloggers Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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