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When motherhood gets real and overwhelming, what do you do?

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Finding grace and laughter when motherhood gets real
Soon after Jessica Kastner became a mother, she wondered if she was the only mom who found pretend play more boring than watching playdough harden and who dreaded yet another friend's Instagram post of homemade deliciousness.
In Hiding from My Kids in the Prayer Closet, Kastner shares her experience as an "unmom"-a mom who loves her kids more than she loves the daily experience of mothering. She helps readers laugh at the ridiculous, delight in the unpredictable, and enjoy being the mothers God made them to be.
Jessica Kastner is an award-winning journalist and a contributor for the Christian Broadcasting Network's,, and the Huffington Post's Christianity blog. As Connecticut's coordinator for Straight Ahead Ministries, she shares God's message of hope by leading Bible studies in juvenile detention centers. When she's not on the trampoline with her three boys in Connecticut, Jessica shares her unapologetically "real" commentary on the Christian life at
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My Review:
Oh my goodness, I loved this book!  It was hilarious and just so real!  I found myself laughing out loud at different times throughout the book and at other times relieved that I am not the only one who has had moments of feeling that way.  Jessica shares her stories of shopping with kids glued to your sides and trying to keep them reeled in while trying on bathing suits, shoes, cloths.  How about playdates that feel never ending, play-doh being stuck to everything, the struggle of packing lunches day after day, and the school projects and assignments that feel like the mother is back in school as well considering it takes so much time and involvement.  In all seriousness, motherhood is so rewarding and kids truly are a blessing, but it is hard to feel this way when you are completely exhausted and feeling like you just want to sit down and cry when a project is failing and kids are screaming.  "Hiding from the Kids in my Prayer Closet" is a must-read for mothers as this will truly help you to not feel as alone in the mothering gig and finding grace in the hard times. 
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