Friday, June 30, 2017

"Just Look Up"

I had been so excited to read "Just Look Up" as soon as I started seeing posts about it on social media and it did not disappoint in the least!  Courtney Walsh is an author whom has become a must-read for me, her novels are ones that find a permanent home in my personal library. 

Lane has spent the past seven years working her way up in the interior design firm, and this has been her focus for all these years.  When Lane receives word that her brother Nate has been in a horrible accident, she travels home to a town she would rather forget all about and leave it in the past.  Ryan is thrilled to see Lane back in town; however she is not the same girl he once knew and loved.  As Lane and Ryan's lives intersect they both are discovering truths about themselves, and perhaps a chance at love as well.  However, the past has not been kind to either and it is difficult to work through past hurts. 

Courtney does a fantastic job with creating characters whom the reader cannot help but fall in love with.  The characters all become so real as does the town.  Harbor Pointe came alive in the pages and I could picture the various touristy spots throughout town.  The storyline flows  nicely and I did not want to stop reading once I started; Courtney writes with such detail and emotion that it was easy to get wrapped up in the storyline and the characters' lives.  This is truly a beautiful and moving story that addresses forgiveness, family and love.

*Thanks to the Tyndale House Publishing Company for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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