Friday, June 30, 2017


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This is Kristie's daughter Allessandra. I am
age 8 and I lovvvve to read!

The book "Finally" is great because it is about growing up, but it still is funny at the same time. I really like the part when Rory drinks too much caffeine. I also like the part when Rory's little brother Sawyer is naked at the restaurant. My cousin Julianne loves the book "Finally" also! The book "Finally" is about where a girl Rory, [ who is the main character] waited to turn 12 her whole life because: you can pierce your ears when your 12. You can go to the mall with your friends when your 12.You can babysit little Timmy when your 12. You can get a cell phone when your 12.You can sit in the front passenger seat when your 12. Plus, I like the book finally because Rory is VERY brave. Like when she put all her toys away in a box not to play with since she is 12. So, I say you should read the book "Finally!"

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