Friday, June 30, 2017

A new resource for eating well and feeling great!

Being diagnosed with a GI tract disease, such as IBS or Colitis or Crohn's, is one thing; then trying to find a meal plan that works for you is a whole other thing and can be extremely frustrating.  Each and every person is different and therefore their bodies respond differently to various foods.  However, there has been a lot of information in recent years about the Low-FODMAP plan and the success that goes along with this for individuals with GI issues.  I was absolutely thrilled to see this book!  I was diagnosed with Colitis five years ago, and it has been difficult knowing what foods are not agreeing with me and it is so frustrating to feel horrible after eating things I thought would be fine for me.  I wish I had had this book when my doctor first mentioned the Low-FODMAP plan to me, as this does an incredible job explaining everything and it is handy to just open up and look things up can't always get in touch with a doctor to ask questions when you need to! 
Seriously, this book is amazing - it is your one-stop resource for this plan!  The plan is described in detail as well as "in a nutshell."  Everything is explained so well.  There are charts that explain things and can be used to fill in and track reintroducing foods.  This seriously covers everything to go along with this plan.  A sample 7-day menu is shared as well as color photos and recipes.  This book is a great resource for anyone who needs to be following this plan, seriously a must-have.

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  1. Low FODMAP helped me isolate my problem foods. But the best thing has been drinking kombucha (diluted in soda water) and remembering to chew food thoroughly. Good luck