Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Spiritual Renewal Study Bible"

Book Description from the publisher:

Experience New Growth and Transformation in Your Spiritual Walk.

Are you experiencing a hunger to know God more completely in your life? Do you long for a deeper connection with him? If so, then the NIV Spiritual Renewal Bible - the recipient of the 1999 ECPA Gold Medallion Award - is for you. Using a time-tested process honed over decades of counseling and teaching, Stephen Arterburn employs 7 core principles of spiritual renewal and refreshment, connecting you more closely with God’s Spirit through his Word and helping you to develop the deep, satisfying change you desire in your spiritual life.


  • 66 book introductions focused on the thematic study and spiritual renewal aspects of each Bible book
  • Text notes highlight renewal themes as they emerge from the text of the Bible
  • Multi-feature character profiles assess how different personalities managed different challenges in their walk with God
  • Spiritual keys devotional reading plan: Two cycles (OT and NT) of 49 devotions each lead the reader through 7 keys of spiritual renewal with 7 devotions for each key
  • Spiritual disciplines essays that describe the various disciplines of the faith such as prayer, Scripture reading, and others
  • Spiritual disciplines profiles: one-page articles that describe how certain characters of the Bible employed the various Spiritual disciplines in their lives
My Review:
As soon as I saw this Bible and read the description for it, I knew that it was one that I needed.  Life is busy, crazy and overwhelming at times and often we just need a rest, a time for renewal; this also includes needing a time for spiritual renewal.  This is the focus of this new Bible and one that I am looking forward to working my way through.  This is jam packed with devotionals and notes shared throughout meant to help the reader find that feeling of renewal in one's life.  I have paged through this Bible and read a few of the devotions and essays shared and I am eager to really delve in and follow the reading plan.  This is an excellent choice of a Bible for those whom are seeking to rejuvenate their spiritual journey. 

*Thanks to Booklook Bloggers Program for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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