Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Review - "A Bouquet of Love"

"A Bouquet of Love" is Janice Thompson's latest novel and number 4 in her Weddings by Design series.  Janice has written another beautiful love story and has managed one again to include characters from her other books and series that allow the reader to be reminded of their stories, and also be "updated" on their lives. 
Cassia has recently moved to Galveston as her father decided he wanted to open another one of their Greek restaurants.  This restaurant is in a prime location; however it is also across from Parma John's which is a popular Italian restaurant.  Cassia's father, Babbas, forbids the family to eat at that restaurant or have anything to do with the family whom owns it.  However, the entire family soon realizes that is impossible as it is run by the Rossi family and they have connections all throughout town and they are also a nice family whom they cannot help but like.  Cassia is trying to live her own life and find her own niche which is working with flowers; however her father needs her help at the restaurant and she feels obligated to her family.  With some guidance and friendships formed, Cassia will learn some important lessons, friends and love.
I really enjoy Janice's books and always look forward to reading each one.  I loved all of the connections throughout this book to her other books and am looking forward to her next book and hopefully spending more time with the Pappas family as there are so many more members of this family whom stories are "unfinished." 
I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a quick and fun read filled with quirky characters and situations whom you are sure to connect with!

*Thanks to Revell Reads for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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