Monday, May 7, 2018

"Storm Front"

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"Storm Front" is book #5 in Susan May Warren's Montana Rescue series and I could not stop reading once I started!  It is a tense ride from the start to the finish as the PEAK team members find themselves searching for Chet and reuniting with people from the past.  Ty has not been able to get Brette out of his head and his heart over the past year since she fled from him; however he has sensed that she has been in trouble and he has felt the need to pray for her.  When Ty comes face to face with her he can tell  that she has been fighting some battles and the need to protect her and take care of her  flares up even stronger.  Brette has been spending the year fighting a battle and being a part of a storm chaser team trying to the get the perfect shots of the storms.  Brette finds herself with the PEAK rescue team and helping them to search for those individuals still missing in the aftermath of the tornado. 
While this book focuses on Ty as the main character, all the other characters and their storylines are continued as well.  Kacey and Ben must face reality and determine if and how their separate lives and lifestyles can be joined, while thinking of what is best for Audrey as well.  Pete has been working for the Red Cross and he is called in on the latest search and rescue mission and he and Ty still have unresolved issues from when they were working together and the hurt and pain involving Jess.  Gage, Ella and Ian are all still working on building a case to hopefully finally give closure to the incident that caused Ian's niece to disappear.  While each character is facing fears, making decisions that are going to be life-changing they are still working together as the team that they are and trusting God through it all. 
Susan ends this book with a cliffhanger and has me waiting anxiously for the 6th and final book in this series to come out in November! 

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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