Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Buried Secrets" and Giveaway!

"Buried Secrets" is the 2nd book in Barbara Cameron's Harvest of Hope series and it is a great addition, and I am already looking forward to the next book!
"Buried Secrets" tells Rose's story.  Rose who has suffered so much in life; however she is not giving up in life as she has her son to think of.  Deciding to move back to run her family farm seems to be what is best, or at least she is hoping, as it is another change in the long list of changes for her and her son.  Luke has fallen in love with this Amish community and is hoping to stay and have his own farm and while this is not happening right now for him, he jumps at the change to help Rose with her farm.  This opportunity seems to be an answer for everyone involved. 
What I really enjoy about Barbara's writing is that she creates characters whom are easy to love and easy to relate to as she does not write stories that are smooth going for the characters, they face challenges that have to be met and decide how to conquer them.  Rose is faced with tough decisions and as a mother I question my decisions wondering if it is best for my children or if I should have done something differently, so she is a relatable character.  Also, it is a sweet story of loss, love and it is inspiring of being able to move on and live life after dealing with tragedy.  Secrets are woven into the storyline as well, as the title alludes to; I find the Amish culture fascinating as far as the rules and the customs.  I highly recommend this book; another great read from Barbara Cameron.

There is a GIVEWAY associated with this new release as well!

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