Friday, May 4, 2018

"936 Pennies"

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I have been trying to really make a point to be in the moment and really being an "intentional" mother.  When I saw the title for this book from Eryn I knew it was one I had to read: "936 Pennies: discovering the joy of intentional parenting."  The book begins with an explanation for the title as the pastor during a baby dedication ceremony handed a jar to the parents filled with 936 pennies and instructed them to remove one penny each Sunday after they return home from church as the pennies represent how many weeks they have to raise their child; 936 weeks from birth to age 18.  That number is a large number, but in reality it is not a lot and time flies.  I absolutely enjoyed this book as Eryn is completely relatable as a mother and I found so many things that were shared in this book so true for myself and areas that I am continuing to work on myself.  Time can crawl at times and sometimes you just need a break, a reprieve from the struggles of parenting, but yet these are times that can never be gotten back.  At the end of each section that are reflection questions that are thought-provoking, and ones that I found myself thinking about long after reading.  This book is a great encouragement to help parents, mothers in particular to feel not alone in the this role and an inspiration to really find those moments to spend intentionally with the children. 

*Thanks to the Bethany House Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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