Saturday, April 21, 2018

"Things I Never Told You"

Things I Never Told YouThings I Never Told You by Beth K. Vogt

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I have read every single fiction book that Beth has written and loved each one, so I was so excited to see that she had a new book coming out and that it was the start of a new series. However, I was not prepared for how this book was going to affect me. My heart was breaking for the Thatcher family over and over again throughout reading "Things I Never Told You," and then there were so many moments that I was celebrating with them and wanting to reach through the pages and pull one of them into a hug or sit down with Payton over mugs of coffee to just be there for her, and listen. The entire family has suffered a loss; however Pepper was Payton's twin sister and she is blaming herself for Pepper's death and keeping this to herself for the past decade. Payton is struggling in so many ways, her relationships with her others sisters and parents included as well as not really living her life how she had always dreamed that she would. However, Payton is discovering that something that caused a rift between she and Pepper during the last few months of Pepper's life may be something worth learning about, not only herself but her entire family.
This book is such an excellent start to this new series and now I find myself just waiting for book #2 to come out as I cannot wait to see where each member of this family is going to go on their individual journeys, but also the family as a whole unit. Beth has done an incredible job with creating characters whom all come to life on the pages and are so easy to connect with and relate to. And while it is an emotional and heart-wrenching read, I wanted to cry tears of joy and wanted to cheer at times and I am feeling very hopeful at the end of the novel. This is one of the those books that will not be forgotten just because I finished reading it as the story lines and characters are so real.

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