Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"High Cotton"

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Oh my goodness, I feel like everyone can relate to the characters in this new series by Debby Mayne!  "High Cotton" is book #1 in the Bucklin Family Reunion Series and it is a great start!  I found myself laughing, crying and wanting to read more!
Shay is the main character in this book; however several other characters share the spotlight as Shay interacts with them in various ways, including covering for them and harboring their secrets.  Families are complicated, messy, full of drama and yet so fun and loveable all mixed together.  Family reunions are no different and this the struggle that Shay faces with attending the newly scheduled reunion as she wants to go, but knows what all is involved and comes with it. 
I love that the characters are all so relatable and if anything they are an entertaining escape from your own life! "High Cotton" is a quick and heartfelt read that will have you thinking about your own family and family get-togethers, and the bonds that tie people together. 
I highly recommend this read as it is nice as we are (hopefully!) transitioning into warmer weather and the season for reunions and am looking forward to the future books in this series!

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*I received a copy of this book free from the publisher.*

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