Thursday, February 15, 2018

"The Sea Before Us"

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"The Sea Before Us" is book #1 in Sarah Sundin's newest World War II series Sunrise at Normandy and it is an excellent start to the series!
Wyatt and Dorothy both have their roles that they are filling in the midst of war and fulfilling their duties to their country and their team.  They find themselves working together and spending a lot of time together and becoming closer.  However, each of them has a past and have been hurt in the past and not looking for love and the possible hurt that can go along with it.  
Sarah is an amazing author!  I have read every single one of her previous World War II series and she continues to amaze me with the "newness" of the stories and characters and her ability to tie in historical detail and really make the setting and the time period come alive.  I felt as if I became a part of the story and really was transported back in time and the tension and hardships of this time.  The characters felt so real and they were all so likeable and easy to empathize with.  Ending the book with a sneak peak of book #2 has me looking forward to it's release and getting to read more in this series!

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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