Monday, February 5, 2018

"Hearts Entwined"

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"Hearts Entwined" is a novella collection of 4 historical romances from popular Christian fiction authors, all ones who have become must-read authors for me!  Each novella was connected to a previous book and/or series by the authors so that was nice to revisit characters and read about what has gone on since the previous novel.  Karen's story starts off the novel and Claire is in for a big surprise from her sister and a surprise visit from a person from her past.  The Kincaid family is a well-known and loved name from Mary's novels and Connor Kincaid is the hero of the second novella.  Connor has returned home to win over the woman he loves, but she is no longer living there as she is off pursuing her dream.  Regina's story is filled with humor as Private Bradley Willis is sent on a detail as a punishment and it turns into way more than he initially thought.  Melissa does a great job with ending this collection with her story of Marianne trying to prove to the man she loves what really matters and that social status isn't one of them. 
Each of these stories is short and sweet and will having you laughing out loud and smiling throughout as the characters are fun to spend time with and the writing crisp, clean and humorous.  This is truly a great collection to read now leading up to Valentine's Day to get your heart smiling and light and ready for love.

*Thanks to Bethany House Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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