Monday, January 8, 2018

"Oath Of Honor"

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Lynette Eason is back with another new series and "Oath of Honor" is an excellent start and introduction to the series and the characters.  The Blue Justice series is focusing on the St. John family; this family who's members are all involved in public service jobs - Chief of Police, police officer, FBI, surgeon, lawyer, just to name a few.  "Oath of Honor" focuses on Izzy St. John, police officer and one of the 6 St. John siblings.  Izzy goes along with her partner on an undercover stake-out; however things do not turn out good at all as her partner is shot and Izzy believes at first that her eyes must be playing tricks on her as she thinks her twin brother was there on the scene and he shot the guy who was prepared to shoot at her.  However, why would he be there and with the "bad guys."  As Izzy is dealing with the emotional aftermath from this and trying to contact her brother, she finds herself being targeted and must fight for her life. 
I absolutely loved this book, I read it so quickly as I could not stop reading and now I have to wait until July for book #2.  At first, I had to keep turning back a few pages to remind myself of who was who as there were so many characters introduced, but as I read I kept them straight and just found myself wanting to know more about all of the St. John family members.  The family is all busy with their work and they are all involved in stressful jobs, but still find that time to connect as a family and I love the interactions between the siblings.  The storyline has so many twists and turns and I was kept guessing as to the whats and whys of the list that was found and who the masterminds were behind the attacks.  Lynette has done a great job at introducing the family and sharing Izzy's story and now I am eager to read more about the rest of the family! 

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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