Thursday, January 18, 2018

new from Mesu Andrews!

The latest historical fiction novel from Mesu Andrews is now released and it is another wonderful read from her!  "Isaiah's Daughter: a novel of Prophets and Kings" takes the reader to Biblical times and to the period a divided nation for the Hebrews.  Mesu delves into the story of Hephzibah, who first was a household servant and later Queen, in the midst of tension between the tribes and a time full of fear while struggling to trust in God.   This an excellent book filled with historical detail and really gave me a new perspective on a Biblical story and characters as well as the culture and time period of the time.  I felt as if I was transported back to this time and really became immersed in the story that I could not believe how much I read when I sat down just to read the first chapter or two.  I am looking forward to what Mesu writes next as her books never disappoint!
Book Summary: Gifted Bible teacher and award-winning author Mesu Andrews reaches into the pages of Biblical prophecy and Hebrew tradition to unearth a rags-to-royalty story of the devastated orphan, Ishma—meaning “desolation”—in Isaiah’s Daughter (Jan. 16, 2018, WaterBrook).  At just 5 years old, Ishma’s life crumbles around her when Israelite soldiers violently kill her family and take her into captivity. Upon her release, the royal prophet Isaiah welcomes her into his home where she meets Prince Hezekiah (Hezi)—a boy who has also experienced great tragedy. Ishma and Hezi bond in their suffering, and as they grow in age, so does their love for each other. Aware of their developing relationship, Isaiah adopts Ishma as his daughter and presents her with a new name that will qualify her to marry royalty—Hephzibah (Zibah), meaning “delight of the Lord.” Hezi and Zibah marry, but after difficult times of barrenness, Assyrian aggression, disease and challenging prophecies from Isaiah, Zibah remains trapped by fear. Can she entrust everything to the only One who gives life and delivers both a captive heart and a desperate nation?

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