Tuesday, January 2, 2018

finding a balance in living

This is a perfect book to kick off a new year with, a time of new beginnings, a time to refresh and restart.  Life can be overwhelming and just feel cluttered and draining, physically and emotionally, and this book addresses all this as it helps each of us to find that right balance in our lives.  This is a cute hardcover edition that is nice looking to have laying out as a coffee table style book, but it is also a smaller size that is nice to stick in a purse to read while waiting somewhere or to sit down and read with a mug of coffee.  It is also divided nicely into sections to address each and every area of life.  There is a chapter focusing on work, at home, the environment, and just life in general.  This concept of Lagom is intriguing and I love the information included about it and then this style of living can be incorporated in so many areas of living.  There are pictures interspersed throughout the book that are beautiful and just add to the book. 
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