Sunday, March 1, 2020

"More Than Enough"

Lorna Seilstad is an author who never disappoints with a new book coming out, each one is inspiring, and filled with characters whom you cannot help but love!
Fiona knows what these children are going through, the ones she is trying to help through her work, as she grew up in foster care, living with trauma and all the emotions that go along with that. 
Image result for more than enough lorna seilstadGabe grew up in a supportive and loving family and he is right on track where he believes he should be professionally and will do what it takes to stay on track.  However, this is threatened as is Fiona's work when their paths intersect at the hospital.  Gabe believes he must make cuts and Fiona's position really isn't all that necessary, or so he thinks, until he takes a closer look.
I immediately felt a connection to Fiona as I work with at-risk children who may be facing removing from their homes and being placed in foster care or they are returning to their homes from foster care.  Fiona has the heart for this role and the lived experience that makes her ideal to work with these children and help abate their fears and learn coping skills, and learning that each person is valued and special, and more than enough.  Gabe is a wonderful main character as well as he has really lived a charmed life, full of love and support, that so many lack, but yet this does not prevent him from allowing himself to see that there may be other answers and maybe the path needs to veer a little.
This is a beautiful, well-written story of imperfect characters who realize that they are enough, more than enough, with God's help.  These two cannot be more different from each other, Gabe especially thinks that when he first meets Fiona with her outfits, her joke of the day and her general attitude.  This is a quick read that will immediately draw you into the characters' lives and leave you smiling. 

*Thanks to the JustRead Tours for including me on this book tour.*

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