Sunday, September 8, 2019

"Ford" on tour!

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Oh my goodness if you have not yet read any of Susan May Warren's latest series, The Montana Marshalls, you need to RUN to the closest bookstore!  "Ford" is the third book in this series and it may just very well be my favorite so far!  Not that "Knox" and "Tate" aren't great, believe all three of these books (and men!) are swoon-worthy, but each book seems to be getting better and better!  Ford is a navy seal and he will do what it takes to protect his country and his family and when his twin sister is in trouble, he is going to do what it takes to find and help her!  A little added perk is that he will get one last mission with Scarlett, a teammate whom he is not ready to let go as she is soon to be out of his life and going on a different path.
Susan does such an incredible job with really bringing her characters to life and creating story lines that completely capture the reader's attention so much that I become lost in the story and feel as if I am a part of it.  The characters all become so real and I found my heart racing in the more suspenseful parts and swooning in the sweet, romantic parts.  This book is such a good mix of suspense and romance, and now I am eagerly awaiting the next book!  I highly suggest you read this series in order because there is a story line that is woven throughout the books along with the individual stories in each book as well. 

*Thanks to Just Read for including me on this book tour!*

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