Monday, June 17, 2019

"Wooing Cadie McCaffrey"

When Cadie McCaffrey breaks up with her adorably oblivious boyfriend, he determines to win her back by pulling out every "foolproof" romantic comedy tactic he's ever seen. What could go wrong?

My Review:
First of all, the cover is cute, sweet and I love the blurb on the back cover as romantic comedies are my favorite kind-of movies!  However, I did not love this book as much as I thought and hoped I would.  Cadie and Will are fine individuals; however I did not feel a connection with them and I felt like I did not really get to know them on their own and as a couple.  They have been dating for years and yet, several things have been overlooked, not talked about and their interactions just seemed awkward at times.  I felt as if the story jumped around a bit as well and that made it hard for me to follow and really get into as well.  The characters have strong convictions, which I like, and they were tempted and did not stay as strong as they hoped to.  This is real-life which is refreshing to read struggles that are faced in real-life.  Overall, it is cute, but just not one of my favorites, but we all have our own personal styles and this just may be the book for you!

*Thanks to Revell Reads for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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