Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"More Than Words Can Say"

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"More Than Words Can Say" is the second book in Karen Witemeyer's A Family Patchwork series and it is so good!  Seriously, I read the first book and loved it, but I love this one even more!  I really liked all 3 of the Hamilton siblings, but Zach really tugged at my heart, especially at the end of the book in "More Than Meets the Eye," and now after reading this book and it being his story he is definitely my favorite of the siblings!  Zach feels free to live his life now that his two siblings are married; he is not responsible to take care of and provide for them anymore.  Now, Zach is working at a sawmill as he never wants to farm again and he is in a set routine as a bachelor.  However, a part of his routine is breakfast at the local bakery every morning, two sticky buns and a coffee, delivered to him by Abby whom runs the bakery.  Abby understands him, she delivers his breakfast to his table with little to no words; they have an understanding.  When Abby has a proposition for him, his immediate response is no; however the more time that passes and the more involvement there is, he knows he cannot say no. 
Zach grows so much as a character and yet the strength, and kindness as well as such a huge heart has been there all along.  Abby is a wonderful main character as well and she just became so real in the pages of the book as does her sister Rosalind (whom I hope book #3 focuses on!).  This book has it all - mystery, romance, healing, forgiveness and hope.  I love how the characters come to life and they are so easy to like and relate to.  I cannot say enough about this book, it is just so good! 

*Thanks to the author for including me on her launch team and for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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