Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The loves of King Solomon

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Jill Eileen Smith has such a talent for bringing Biblical characters, the culture of the day and that time period to life through her writing!  Her latest novel is "The Heart of a King: the loves of Solomon" and it is another fantastic read!  King Solomon is a well known individual and he is known for many things, but one main thing is the large amount of wives he had.  This book focuses on four of the many wives and the roles they played in his life and how his marriages were.  Solomon was very wise; however he also at the same time made several mistakes.  Solomon loved God and tried to live pleasing him, but yet struggles with this.  And yet don't we all. 
I just love how this book is so rich with historical details and I really felt as if the characters and the setting just came to life for me while reading.  Solomon made many wise decisions, but at times was trying to justify other decisions that he had made that did not completely follow God.  I feel like so often we are trying to justify and make excuses for behaviors and choices; this is something that has not changed throughout the years.  Therefore, I felt like I could relate to the characters to certain extents which always  pulls me further into the story. So many emotions are at play as well which really helped bring it to life, such as love, jealously, loss, longing. 
I highly recommend this book for those whom enjoy historical romance, you will not be disappointed.

*Thanks to the author for including me on her launch team!*

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