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"Good relationships make the world go around. That's true in life, and in business. Dr. Ross understands the value of cultivating deep and meaningful relationships in our business endeavors and provides us with an excellent guidebook for doing just that."--Dan T. Cathy, CEO, Chick-fil-A

"Healthy relationships create healthy business. If you want to know how to inspire your teams, coach for maximum performance, and create a compelling culture, then Relationomics is a must-read."--Tim Leveridge, vice president and investor relations officer, The Coca-Cola Company

"Whether you are in an academic institution or a corporate setting, it is critical to provide safe and healthy environments in which people can learn, grow, and be productive. Relationomics will equip leaders to provide such environments and elevate the performance of their teams."--Linda Livingstone, PhD, president, Baylor University

"Everything good in life comes to us through relationships. If you want your organization to thrive relationally, I highly recommend you get a copy of Relationomics."--Andy Stanley, author, communicator, and founder, North Point Ministries

"Relationomics is a guidebook to assist leaders in shaping stronger teams, cultivating connectivity, and crafting a healthy work environment."--Horst Schulze, chairman emeritus, Capella Hotel Group; chairman/CEO, WP Hospitality Group; former president, Ritz-Carlton

"Dr. Ross communicates complex topics in a conversational manner that will impact leaders at every level in your organization."--Scott MacLellan, CEO, Touchpoint Support Services and Morrison Community Living

My Review:
This is a beneficial book for leaders and really essentially each and every person to read as we all are part of groups, we all interact with other people on a daily basis in various roles.  Dr. Randy Ross provides valuable information and tips that I can see really being of benefit for those being in a leadership role as it can help you to form strong teams, develop traits among the team members that will be of benefit as they will really work together toward a common purpose and goal and together well.  For me personally, a strong part of my job, a strong benefit for me of the job, is the team that I am a part of.  I feel like we work together well and the relationship aspect of the team is what drives it and helps us to be successful as a team in our jobs.  My favorite chapter in this book is the one about the growth spiral.  Dr. Ross discusses feedback and how important it is that good feedback is given and accepted and that also the importance of decisions being made with emotion and reason, a mix of these.  This is a great book that everyone should read!

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