Tuesday, April 23, 2019

"Here Now"

Book Description from the publisher:

What if our truest life is the one right in front of us?
Does life sometimes seem to be passing you by? Are you so busy—with email to check, Instagram to scroll through, and friends to be envious of—that you’ve become disconnected from your actual life? You know, the one you are living right here, right now?
With hilariously relatable confessions and profoundly beautiful insights, Kate Merrick invites us to stop running away from the lives we’re living today and instead walk in the peace and fullness God offers moment to moment. She shows us how to
kill your Wi-Fi, put down the tech, and find deeper contentment,
redirect the FOMO so you don’t miss out on your own life, and
go on a diet of fewer choices to discover the blessings of the quiet, the slow, and the intentional.
Only when we look honestly at our hearts and have the courage to live truly present do we receive the gifts of God found in all of life’s seasons—the painful ones, the big and beautiful ones, and even the ordinary ones.

My  Review:
I really enjoyed this book, as I found Kate's writing to be completely relatable.  Seriously, if I were to live closer to Kate, she and I could totally be friends, she is a girl I would want to be my friend, but since we live on opposite sides of the country I will settle for reading her books as it seems as if we are having a conversation when I am reading this book.  Each and every day I feel like I am rushing through the day from one thing to another  and still ending the day feeling like I have a ton of things still to accomplish and feeling like I do not compare to others who seemingly have it all together and manage to do so much and more!  This book is such a fun and encouraging read as it really had me rethinking how I live life, each moment, day  to day and areas where I need to step back and really truly disconnect more and engage in and enjoy what is in front of me, and discover the beautiful pieces that are there.  I highly recommend this book, and look forward to reading more from Kate!

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