Thursday, March 21, 2019

sharing the gift of hospitality

"Open-Door Living: easy ways to share the gift of hospitality" is such a nice book!  This is a square, textured hardcover edition and it is filled with photographs, recipes and tips.  Jen addresses the concept of hospitality, really the heart of it, and explores the differences between entertaining and hospitality.  Then she addresses in various sections, different aspects and areas that are connected with opening our  homes.  Creating a welcoming space is discussed with suggestions for doing it.  Eating and food is a large part of social gatherings and being hospitable, so numerous recipes are shared.  An interesting section to me is when Jen discusses our senses and how to make our homes appealing to all of the senses, taste,  touch, feel, smell, sound.  Cozying up the home is something that plays into our senses and I think we all long for that cozy, at home feeling to really come through and be apparent to ourselves and others.  Jen has even included conversations starters, so this book is truly a complete guide to being hospitable.  I highly recommend this book, you will not be disappointed. 

*Thanks to the B&H/Lifeway Blogger Program  for thee complimentary copy of this book.*

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