Wednesday, December 5, 2018

"Swith on Your Brain Every Day"

Our brains, our mindset impact so much more than we probably realize, but it's true!  Dr. Caroline Leaf has a new book out: "Switch on Your Brain Every Day: 365 readings for peak happiness, thinking, and health," to help with our mindset and living an 
overall healthier life.  For every day of the year there is a 
reading, a quick, short reading on one page, and for some of the
days it is less than a page of text.  Each day begins with a verse
or a few verses to read, then a "brainy tip" is shared.  For 
example, one tip states that our brain does need rest, another tip
is that the more we think that we are a failure, the more we 
will fail.  Then there is a paragraph or a couple of paragraphs
that further discuss the verse and tip.  This is a great way to kick
off each day and having this tip and these readings to think 
about during the day and really focus on changing our mindset
and having a healthier brain, a more positive mindset and 
healthier way of thinking that will result in happier days and
an overall better life.  
This is cute, smaller sized (but thick), padded hardcover book,
perfect to tuck in your bag and pull out when you have a few
minutes or to keep by your favorite chair or on a bedside table 
to pick up when you first awake.  This is an inspiring read 
and after only a few days you will begin to notice differences in
your way of thinking!

*Thanks to the Baker Books Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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