Tuesday, December 4, 2018

a sweet new Christmas novella collection!

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"The Christmas Heirloom" is my new favorite novella collection, I absolutely loved it!  The story of this piece of jewelry is passed down through the generations and four women are highlighted in this collection as to when they receive the jewelry and how it coincides with each of them finding love.  I had high hopes for this collection, I mean why wouldn't I with these authors as they are all amazing and I was not disappointed in the least!  Kristi Ann Hunter kicks off this collection with a story set back in the early 1800's with sweet Sarah caring for the Dowager Countess of Densbury, but their relationship being so much more than that of employer/employee. Then we jump ahead to the late 1800's in Karen Witemeyer's story set in Texas with a widowed mother and her young daughter making a fresh start.  Next is Sarah Loudin Thomas' novella set in West Virginia in 1958, focusing on Fleeta whom can outshoot every man around, until a new one shows up in town.  This collection ends with Becky Wade's story set in present day in Washington State and the lovely Bradford sisters make an appearance from her Bradford Sisters series that is her current series.

Each and every story is unique in this collection with one common theme, the women finding love at Christmas and the heirloom piece of jewelry that has been passed down through so many generations.  Karen Witemeyer's story is such a sweet one as Ruth is desperate to provide for her daughter and be able to make a living on her own.  However, the housing option that has been found for her is a good deal but so much more than she is able to afford and so she offers her most prized possession, a treasured heirloom that she hopes to pass to her daughter Naomi when she is older.  However, the man who she renting from owns the biggest hotel and business in Hope Springs where so many travel to in the hopes of experiencing the healing powers of the water here.  As Ruth and Naomi settle in at the café, their new home and the town, they find themselves feeling at home and also helping their landlord feel more at home as well as they help him without really trying or realizing what they are doing.  The characters that Karen create just come to life in this story and I found myself just loving them all and the story.  Myrtle of course became a favorite as she was just so full of love and full of life and the perfect person to help Ruth and Naomi through her café and as a motherly figure. 
I highly recommend this sweet collection of stories, this will truly put you in the Christmasy spirit and the feelings of love and hope. 

*Thanks to the author for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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