Saturday, December 1, 2018

"Bodyguard for Christmas"

Book Blurb:

Someone’s after his little boy.

She has one chance to save them both.

When his young son is nearly kidnapped, assistant district attorney Colton Gale needs a Christmas refuge—and a live-in bodyguard. Though former military police officer Jasmine McNeal fights to shield them 24/7, she refuses to get attached. But growing close to the little boy and his father might be her only shot at keeping them alive—and becoming a family beyond the holidays.

My Review:
I love Christmas books and I have been really enjoying Carol Post's books, so this book was an obvious one for me to want to read and I was not disappointed!
Colton returns to his housing development and sees a new neighbor moving in and he helps her, never guessing that she would be helping him only minutes later.  Jasmine noticed Colton acting "weird" and so she stayed outside and alert, thus witnessing two masked individuals attempting to kidnap Colton's boy.  This is just the beginning of their acquaintance that is quickly going to become more friendly not for the mere fact that they are neighbors, but that Colton has received numerous threats throughout the years through his occupation and Jasmine is a person whom can help provide protection. 
This is seriously such a sweet love story, but at the same time a high-paced intense read.  I love the mix of suspense and romance and you will be through the story before you know it as it is that good!  This is a great book to add to your reading pile for December!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review, Kristie! I'm so glad you enjoyed Bodyguard for Christmas.